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@BangEnergy Elite Ambassador. I Love You Dad 👼🏼 “Blind-Remix” 👇🏻

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2 days ago

#theshowmustbepaused . #blackouttuesday https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

2 days ago

🍓 🍓 🍓

4 days ago

R.I.P George Floyd. I am white. therefore, I am privileged. I am also grateful to have parents and friends that have instilled in me the importance of being ANTI-racist. It is sick to me when these things happen and people say "Wow... I can’t believe black people are still being treated this way.” WAKE UP. Things haven't changed. This is 2020. Things need to change! Please inform yourself and learn how different our worlds are. We should all be there, protect, love, and speak up for one another. We all have mother’s, fathers, friends, families and children, but because you are white you live a better and a safer life than a black person. THAT IS NOT FAIR! AND IT IS SO WRONG. I hope my followers teach themselves, their children, their families, and their friends about Anti-Racism and continue to use their voices. I pray for the black community with all my heart. this needs to stop. #blacklivesmatter ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

5 days ago

Our “Blind REMIX” is out now! @tyjames 🔥🔥 Link in bio to stream on all platforms or watch our animation video on my youtube channel! I will also be taking over @sweetyhigh ‘s ig story today so come hang & celebrate w me ❤️

6 days ago

THE REMIX IS OUT!!!!! @tyjames went crazyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥 This is probably my favorite song i’ve ever put out and i’m soooooo hype for this!!!! GO STREAM NOW ❤️ link in bio : )

6 days ago

which car should i get next?

2 weeks ago

i’m back baby

2 weeks ago

l a s t. d a y.

2 weeks ago

we’re one week away!!!! PRE-SAVE my remix now, link in bio ✔️✔️ y’all aren’t ready for @tyjames 🔥🔥🔥

2 weeks ago

Kayaking 🌸🌸🌸 Follow the inventor of @BangEnergy @BangEnergy .CEO #EnergyDrink #BangEnergy 🌻

2 weeks ago

i like da view

3 weeks ago

Decided to change it up and try out an outdoor activity this week! Thanks uncle charlie for teaching me how to fish i clearly had a lot of fun 😂 what should i do next?

3 weeks ago

my phone case collaboration with @wildflowercases is available in iPhone 11 & up now!!!! go get yours & twin with me 🖤💜 it changes colors btwww !!!! link in bio ⭐️⭐️⭐️

3 weeks ago

do you think they’re ready @tyjames ?? 🦋🖤 5/29

3 weeks ago

i rlly said 😁😋🥺😆😝😘

4 weeks ago

got mama a car ❤️

4 weeks ago

1 MILLION VIEWS on Blind 🦋🦋🥳🥳💕💕 i really did start the at home music video trend!! No budget, No stylist/H & M, No lights, camera, action. Just me, my iphone, my moms camera skills and @jsonchil ... oh and also LOVE 😂💕 thank you thank you thank you!!! ❤️❤️

4 weeks ago

my mom, my support, my world 🤍🤍🤍 Happy Mother’s day mom! You are my rock and my best friend. Without you i have no idea where i’d be in life. You are there for me through everything & you are my biggest inspiration. I love you more than life. Thank you for life! #HappyMothersDay

4 weeks ago

hey dad, in these past 5 months without you i wanted to update you on all the things i’ve accomplished because i know you would be proud of me. 1: Performed my first ever festival in Hawaii 2: Learned how to drive after you tried teaching me & i crashed into a building 😂 3: Took mom to meet the dodgers! 4: DIDNT GET ANY TATTOOS 5: Started my igtv series 6: Went to so many events 7: Released Blind 8: Turned 20 9: Spent time with family and now dad, there’s a global pandemic... but i’m home in michigan to be with the fam because i know you would want me here with them. love and miss you million years dad.

4 weeks ago

who’s ready for a..... remix? comment who think i got featured on BLIND 🖤🖤🖤🖤🦋🦋🦋🦋

5 weeks ago

*shows off new earrings*

5 weeks ago

been working out from home but zumba reallllu got me. it’s tiring & fun! i was sooo sore the next day hahha! Hope you guys liked this at home video!

5 weeks ago


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