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3 days ago

IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING. anyways, these onion tears aside, I’m so incredibly happy for you both ❤️

2 weeks ago

Love you mom ❤️

last month

Happy birthday to one of my all time favorite humans on this planet. I don’t even know where to start... I love you so fucking much Soph. Thank you for being the extraordinary person that you are. I think I speak for all of our friends when I say we feel so lucky to spend another rotation around the sun with you. Know quarantine is kinda of a bummer on a birthday but I hope it’s still a special one where you’re reminded of how important you are not just to me but to all of us❤️ (Also @casamigos get this girl a sponsorship )

Mar 2020

@stargirl out now. 💫

Mar 2020

really proud of this one. STARGIRL comes out this friday on Disney+. show it some love 💫

Mar 2020

@stargirl premier today ❤️

Mar 2020

I feel incredibly lucky to have spent the past two years working on a project with such a talented all-Indian cast. ALSO FREIDA PINTO IS MY MOM!!! Anyways, you guys can check out “Mira The Royal Detective” on March 20th when it premiers @disneyjunior ❤️

Mar 2020

1 week out. Also! @gracevanderwaal dropped a bop called “Today and Tomorrow” that’s in the movie- GO STREAM THAT ISH

Mar 2020

STARGIRL COMES OUT NEXT WEEK - GET READY KIDS (ps. I apologize in advance for the amount of photos I’m gonna post leading up to the premier )

Feb 2020

check out my guy @wyattoleff new show “I Am Not Okay With This” - it’s extraordinary

Feb 2020

happy vday everyone. may the odds be ever in your favor.

Jan 2020

turning 21 today and i’d be lying if i said i didn’t feel old hahah. anyways, last year on my birthday i asked you guys for advice, and this year i want to ask you this: what’s something you learned last year? can be anything from a new language to a new philosophy that made you really introspective about life. regardless, I wanna hear about it all. oh and btw! meet Max. i just adopted him 2 months ago and he’s pretty adorable.

Jan 2020

Coming to Disney+ on March 13th. 💫

Jan 2020

a photo of Cam & I the day before his 19th birthday and part of a letter he wrote to me on my 15th birthday. HUGE thank you to @unotattoonyc for doing such an amazing job- you are a legend my friend ❤️

Dec 2019

are we cool yet?

Dec 2019

Hey @Starbucks - One of your baristas never asked for my name when I ordered my coffee and instead just decided to write “RAJ”. Your bullshit bias-training didn’t work. Do better.

Dec 2019

and THIS is why i’m an actor.

Dec 2019

We tried acting natural. Also, a major thank you to @therealtonyshepherd (aka. Uncle Tony. aka. Tony Danza aka. A person too nice to be real ) for making this trip happen. ❤️

Dec 2019

for this #givingtuesday please consider donating to @knowsudepnow in honor of Cam. your dollar can help further vital research and education that could save people’s lives ❤️

Nov 2019

#tb to Halloween when 9 of us dressed up as @ebenofficial

Nov 2019

My new show ‘Epic Night’ is finally here!!! You guys can check out this new INTERACTIVE series (yes, you guys get to decide what kind of mess I get myself into ) on the @ekovideo app or eko.com. Best part is all 4 episodes are free.... and you know my brown ass loves anything free. So grab some drinks, invite some friends over, and have some fun yelling at the TV about what choices our characters should be making hahah.

Nov 2019

had an epic night finally getting to watch “Epic Night”. thanks @ekovideo & @fbe for hosting said epic night. but wait! YOU can also have an epic night because “Epic Night” comes out TOMORROW NIGHT! I promise i’ll stop saying epic night now.

Nov 2019

coming 11.21.19

Nov 2019

@thecameronboycefoundation & @epilepsyfdn are teaming up in the fight to end SUDEP. Check out @knowsudepnow to learn, share, and donate so we can work together and save lives. 💜