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Black Lives Matter! #blackouttuesday I have so much to say and don’t even know where to begin. If you don’t understand the importance of what’s going on right now, NOW is the time you get educated on black history. It’s so disheartening to see so much hate come to light recently.. Please and I repeat PLEASE educate yourself before you make your ignorant comments against BLM. This isn’t about YOU, this is about the oppressed and if you can’t realize this, YOU’RE the problem. This is not the time to sit back.. we ALL need to speak up, donate, sign petitions, talk to your family and friends about this matter. Enough is enough!

4 days ago

I miss clay popping videos! I only ever posted 1 on here and it was a whole year ago! I got a lot of comments from people that arnt in the slime community asking what these were and how to make them. These are creations made out of clay that you cover in nail polish and they crack when you squish them 😍 in this video I show you how and what I use to make them!

3 weeks ago

🦋 Happy Friday.. okay soooo genuine question...what’s going on with Quarantine? What’s it like in your city? Im seeing online that some stores are opening up? Also I’m at chic fil a drive thru as we speak and just on the way here, it feels like a regular Friday with people everywhere 😳 are things shifting? What did I miss? Anyone else confused lol Ima just sit at home until further notice

4 weeks ago

this mini house makes me so happy 🥺🏠 the dogs love it! Can’t wait for my niece and nephew to thrive in here. I literally wanna live in it! part 2 of the Mini Mansion Video will be going up tomorrow! Part 1 is up on my channel. ALSO, my dad’s time lapse video is finally up! Head over to Part 1 and click the link in the description 🔨

5 weeks ago

I know this Coffee has been seen by the whole world already lol but I like to modify the Dalgona Coffee to my liking and this is how I make my version! If you watch my Vlogs, you know I’m obsessed! If you’ve tried this and didn’t like it originally, try this with the small modifications and and let me know if you do 😋

last month

ill just have 1 chip, im on a diet..😙 _____ new video just went up on my YT Channel! we made the biggest Hot Cheetos and let me tell u gorl, I was thriving😋 head over to my Channel to see how we executed this 🥵

last month

🌿currently into green I almost didn’t post these bc my bra was peaking out the side and I wanted to make it work... sooo I totally just spent over half an hour trying to hide my bra with paint and smooth 🤩

last month

idk what’s more orange, my cheeto shirt or foundation match! 🤩 tried the outside mirror selfie thing.. oh and new hair✂️ how’s ur day going?

last month

Disclaimer: This video was filmed over a month ago before social distancing. *ANOTHER DISCLAIMER*: This content contains bad words (-oop )😀 I thought it’d be fun to teach Alex some Mexican slang and I’m so happy I did. I was DYING editing this. We love a bilingual queen! 😙

last month

I think it’s safe to say Easter is gonna hit different this year 😕 but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best out of it!🐣 Here are 3 Easy DIYS/Activities you can do indoors this Easter!✨ Share your fun Easter ideas you’re thinking about doing this year below🐰

last month

Pt.3/3 Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary✨ An unforgettable day full of tears, laughter and alcohol! Thank you for being the best husband I could’ve asked for @squishyraul One year down, an eternity to go💒 I love you my thickie🐰

last month

Pt.2/3 Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary💍 The Ceremony 💒 I remember this day like if it were yesterday.. how nervous I was walking through those doors. There was so many emotions and it was so hard to keep it together. Marrying my best friend was the ultimate highlight in my life and the only thing that will top that is our children one day🥺 ugh I’m so cheesy I know but such a wonderful day to look back on.

last month

pt.1/3 1 year ago today we said “I do” 💍 Throwback to the best day of our lives. When Raul and I became one. Here’s some pics that morning of, getting ready before I left to Church 💒

last month

quarantine tingz ✨ Let’s help each other out a bit, comment a Show suggestion below! I just finished watching Tiger King and it was insane! Carole Baskin deserves to be in jail too 🤬 Anyway, I posted a new video showing you a bunch of Fun things to do while you’re bored at home during quarantine. Go check it out 🎉

Apr 2020

I can’t remember the last time I posted a selfie.. we really got time now🗣 How are you feeling today? What are your thoughts? Use the comment section as a journal✨ I feel personally that I’ve already adjusted to social distancing and I’m taking this time to enjoy and relax at home.. but sometimes anxiety kicks in and I begin to wonder when it will all truly be over. Am I going to get sick despite social distancing? Is someone I know going to get sick? Crazy to be living this when you truly think about it.

Apr 2020

okay but why are these TikTok Food Hacks actually good quarantine snacks!!! 👀 I’m really gonna end up on my 600 Pound Life after this ends 🤩 I posted a video recently all about TikTok Food Hacks and realized these are super easy and bomb ways to up your quarantine snacks 😍 the full video is on my channel, go check it out if you haven’t!

Mar 2020

Welcome to my very first ever IG TV video! 😱 I’ve been wanting to do videos for IG TV for some time now but I wasn’t sure exactly WHAT. I decided I’m gonna post random fun videos for you guys. Cooking, mukbangs, crafts, story times, etc! Comment below what videos you’d like to see 👍🏻

Mar 2020

Happy Quarentine, I hope you’re all staying home 👀 Idk about y’all but my hands are getting so crusty lately with all this hand sanitizer..and my nails TRAGIC. We out here looking rough. ANYWAYS, I didn’t get around to showing you our new DIY Clay Slime Bucket, the Celebration Bucket @craftcitylife @target 🎉 this has to be my all time favorite texture from our pre made store bought slimes! I am OBSESSED with these bigger batches, 2 lbs btw 😍if you’ve been doing some online shopping, grab your Buckets and tag me in your stories! 💖

Mar 2020

day 7 of quarantine.. I did my makeup and used color for the first time in ages☄️ got ready for 2hrs to chill in bed 🎉

Mar 2020

How to Wash/Sanitize your hands according to the World Health Organization 🧼 The WHO (World Health Organization ) started the #safehands Challenge. In light of this global pandemic, I’d like to share with you some useful information that you thought you knew but probably didn’t.🤷🏻‍♀️For example, I had no idea you had to rub your hands with sanitizer for 20-30sec ..WHAT?😮 Stay safe and follow guidelines by WHO and CDC. Hope to have helped someone with this 👍🏻

Mar 2020

Shopping at the grocery store was a bit different than I expected. After watching all the media, I guess I kind of expected chaos, every shelf to be empty, and thought I wouldn’t find any essentials..And although there were indeed empty aisles, I was able to find food. I’m not speaking for every store because I have seen so many posts of grocery stores with very little food and essentials. (WHICH BY THE WAY. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE WHEN BUYING MILK, TOILET PAPER, BABY WIPES ETC. THERES PEOPLE WHO CANT FIND BASIC EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS FOR THEIR FAMILIES & ITS HEARTBREAKING ) anyways..I strongly believe we should take this matter seriously and I suggest that you prepare BUT only with what you need. You don’t need a cart full of toilet paper..so stop fighting elderly women over the last pack of charmin.🥴 In fact, the elderly should be our priority 🤦🏻‍♀️ With that being said, Stay home. The parties, get togethers etc can wait. Take a deep breath and do your part. Take precautions but also don’t let the media terrorize you 👍🏻

Mar 2020

your daily dose of ASMR 🤤 that initial crunch and sizzles are always the best PERIOD. my team @craftcitylife made me an extra giant Bucket of our New Celebration Buckets that just launched @target and I let it sit out..the iceberg crunch was everything 😍 I’ll be posting a video on my feed this week of the New DIY Clay Slime Bucket! In the mean time, I uploaded a video making these jumbo slimes and showing you the new bucket! 🎉

Mar 2020

9/10 times I literally don’t know what the heck I’m doing in pictures. I literally just stand around and get awkward about people watching and then I crack instantly 👁

Mar 2020

ordered some realistic cakes that look like everyday objects 🎂 the full mukbang is on my channel! Wanna do a part 2, comment something crazy you wanna see as a cake!