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2 days ago

Still reminiscing about this day 💭🤍 link to the full video in my IG bio.

3 days ago

My husband!!! 🤯😍😍 Thank you so much for all lovely messages. We are over the moon and are so excited to see y’all and celebrate 🤍🙏🏼

4 days ago

May 1st, 2020. We celebrated our love. We put a stamp on what was already there. Just us and our family. BUT save the date because we are having a big party for all of our family and friends next May 1st. 🤍 thank you so much to @megankayphotography and @lukegaie for capturing this beautiful moment for us. For our wedding video click the link in my bio or swipe up on my story 🤍

1 weeks ago

I’ve been dying to connect with you guys more. The truth is, I feel like I haven’t been making the most out of this platform I’m lucky to have. So, I decided to be more vulnerable. I will be writing more about selfcare, but also filming more about my routines etc and what helps me the most. If you have any ideas on what you want to see please comment below or dm me 🤍 dress @ohpolly

2 weeks ago

I thought I lost myself in love until I found you. Dress by @ohpolly

2 weeks ago

Your love hits different

3 weeks ago

And the world rested. And the world healed. Our minds, consciousness appreciating small things again, the sound of a busy street with some jazz band playing from a far. We will come out of this stronger 🌎

last month

Rescuing Coco 🥥 has been one of the best things @rylandbeard and I have done together ❤️ Check out the link in my bio to see the full story 🐴the unbelievable joy in seeing the progress of her getting better and putting on weight warms my heart ❤️

last month

twenty three 🎈 What a beautiful year 22 has been! Spent with the love of my life, graduated in biomedical science, founded BRIGHT my small firm, and travelled our way around until we found our little home in Dallas 🏡 Today we feel safe, we have each other and that’s all that matters 🌻

Mar 2020

just because i miss travelling 💭

Mar 2020

Throwback to days like this, romping around downtown in my @revolve shorts 🤍 times like this really do make me appreciate all these precious moments

Mar 2020

Another one in this look because I love it so much! Swipe to see my new favourite booties too! All from @REVOLVE

Mar 2020

Just me and my quarantine ❤️ How is everyone doing?! Never thought that something like this would happen but all we can do now is try to stay positive and prevent this thing from spreading further 💙 Thankful for all the scientists working extremely hard to find answers, thankful for people listening and staying at home, thankful for all these working so hard in hospitals and public services, thankful for y’all 🤍

Mar 2020

Waiting for sunny days and no virus spreading like... Top and skirt from @revolve

Mar 2020

Definitely not me right now. Working from home trying to do what’s right for others. 👵🏻👴🏻❤️ This outfit is from @prettylittlething the @mollymaehague bomb collection 🔥 Order it online and wear out when all of this is over 😘

Mar 2020

OBSSESED with this faux leather mini dress from @REVOLVE 🎞 (Swipe up on my story to check it out )

Mar 2020

Nothing but love

Mar 2020

Stepping into Monday like.. Here’s a little date night look from @topshop Love a quick little dress paired with some black sock boots ⚡️

Mar 2020

In the words of Maya Angelou, ‘’It’s the fire in my eyes, and the flash of my teeth, the swing in my waist, and the joy in my feet. I’m a woman. Phenomenally.’’ Maya Angelou Happy Women’s Day!!

Mar 2020

🥂 Cheers to those of us envisioning our goals and executing our plan, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time. Last year of university was tough for me, in my head there were two wolves fighting between what was planned out for me and what I actually wanted to do next. With applications to commit to a full PhD or taking a leap of fate and starting my own thing. Fast forward to today, I now help brands grow, have the freedom to be creative and love what I do. With this post what I’m asking you to do is to always listen to the wolf that howls louder, one which sends heat through your veins. Happiness lays in doing what we love to do, so easy to say eh? How much harder to apply to your life.. 🤍

Mar 2020

can’t resist 🌻⚡️ loving this lemon Midi Dress! Another way to pair my favourite white boots and little bag! All @vergegirl

Mar 2020

Flying to England in a few days, then Colorado so, work mode is on. 🤍 How do you guys like this outfit? -Simple green top with -a knit mini skirt -paired with white vintage blazer, bag and boots. 🤍 All from @vergegirl #vergegirl

Mar 2020

We often talk about what a privilege it is to have been able to find each other despite living on the other sides of the world - my soulmate. What a privilege it is to be able to work hard, wake up and go to sleep together. We talk about how even if it was all to end now, we feel so fortunate to have been able to spend all these moments doing it all together. I don’t know what i did to deserve this; to have the pleasure of living life with you and your endless positivity and absolute creativity. I love all of you, from head to toe, from your spirit to your core

Mar 2020

All limitations are self-imposed. One more in this dress 💚