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5 hours ago

Happy 153rd Birthday, Canada!🇨🇦🤍♥️

5 days ago

En route back to Canada I go, solo this time!😢Flying without my little poochy girl is lonely and I miss my little crazies already (yes, you too Jase😘 ) but I shall be back soon enough!♥️🐾

2 weeks ago

One of us took last night very seriously and went from 0-100 real quick🍹, and it’s our little secret🙊

2 weeks ago

Many of you don’t know this, but at 1 month old I was adopted from a small town called Yorkton, Saskatchewan and given the best life a girl could ask for. I was given a mother who cares for me like no other, who would do anything to ensure I’m happy, and who is my absolute best friend. I was given a father who is always at my rescue, wasn’t afraid to teach me how to use tools, and who is always there for me anytime I need help or advice.♥️ ✨ My life may not have started in the traditional way. I was in a foster home for a month although by the sounds of it, my foster mothers boys adored having a “little sister” around. Unfortunately I don’t know their names but I’m still so curious to meet that family one day!♥️ ✨ I have met my biological mother at 19 years old although we no longer communicate, and unfortunately my biological father still chooses to ignore his past, but I still wouldn’t change anything for the world. Adoption was an absolute blessing to me and it seems every year I realize that more and more. I have parents who love me for me (even if I am stubborn and difficult sometimes ), and who jumped at the opportunity to raise a little baby girl of their own. ✨ Lesson learned here, you get to decide how you look at every situation. I may not share DNA with anyone in my life, and I may never get the “you look so much alike!” comments (even though some people insist I look like my parents LOL ), but it doesn’t change anything. Adoption was a blessing to me and TODAY marks 29 years of that blessing!⭐️💛

3 weeks ago

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. 🍾 I don’t really have much to say besides sounding like a broken record and saying consistency is key. I have finally made it a habit to get in those veggies (especially for breaky ) and moving my body on the daily regardless of how that is. Usually it’s getting in those hour long workouts (I prefer longer ones to shorter ones...I know, weirdo ) but lately it’s been looking more like painting all the cupboards in the house and crawling into cabinets to ensure I don’t miss any spots...it’s harder than it looks. Don’t even get me started on the sanding🤪🤓 🍾 Anyways..get up, move your arse, and be a nice human k? K cool.

4 weeks ago

Today marks 5 years of this guy loving me and annoying me (for the most part😂 ). Wouldn’t have it any other way😍. Here’s to kicking you every time you touch my feet and annoying you right back til we die!🍻♥️ #donttouchmyfeet

4 weeks ago

Happy 34th birthday to this guy who not only pisses me off like there’s no tomorrow, annoys me to no end when he touches my feet, but also makes me the happiest Canadian in Cali. We have our ups and downs, but continue to fight through difficulties and the hard times, and always seem to come out of them stronger than ever. I love you Jase♥️

last month

Is this quarantine crap getting to anyone else yet? I’ve been feeling so moody and lonely lately, and even feeling a sense of anxiety which is so unlike me (I’ve never felt anxiety until lately ). But then I saw this quote last night and it SPOKE to me! 🤍 ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS! Grapes must be crushed to make wine, Diamonds form under pressure, Olives are pressed to release oil, Seeds grow in darkness. Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, YOU’RE IN A POWERFUL PLACE FOR TRANSFORMATION💎🍷 🤍 Irrelevant pic but throwing it back to a girls day drinking day with the poochies and a water bottle filled with a little somethin other than water😉

last month

Give me all of the jumbo wine glasses lately!🍷 So tired of the negativity going on! The lack of research people do before opening their mouths is absurd. I’m tired of being told I’m “not allowed” to fly home. Do your research Suzy Cue and you shall see, I’m allowed back (I’m a Canadian citizen still ) and guess what, I’m also allowed back to the US considering study is essential😉 🍷 Tired of people criticizing every little move others do. Don’t like what they’re doing? That sucks, you’re not them Suzy Cue😂 🍷 Tired of people having to argue over political stand points. Don’t agree with someone? Cool, get over it cause not everyone agrees with you either, Suzy Cue. 🍷 Tired of the unknown? Me too. The news decided to say that all California State Universities are doing online classes in the fall. That was also false, considering I got an email from the president of the university himself. PS we find out TODAY...and not from the news😉 🍷 Can we just all go back to living our own lives as best we can during this gong show without feeling judged for the things we do, say, or think? I mean I would sure love that, wouldn’t you?!♥️ Tell me what you plan to work on to better yourself and mental health during this gong show we call life. I’d love to hear and maybe it’ll help others too!

last month

Happy 10th birthday to the sassiest, most stubborn, funniest, and most traveled poochy girl I know! She’s been from California to Saskatchewan a million and a half times, and a roady to British Columbia from Central California and loved every minute of it! She was even able to mark her territory in Seattle (swipe does video ). 🐶 Her dad thinks she’s a daddy’s girl but I beg to differ (so does she ). We love you poochy girl and you get all of the pupperoni treats today!♥️

last month

Well as of today, another semester is in the books and it was by far the worst and most challenging one yet! Next up, we wait and see if I achieved a high enough gpa to keep my acceptance in the honors program!🤞🏼🤞🏼 👙 Swipe to see how our excitement from popping bottles went to a little sippin’ to a little ragret🍾

last month

Wishing a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite broad!🍾 🤍 From bonding over wine, to double fisting wine, to eating breakfast borritos and popping champagne on hills, to drinking mimosas anytime we please, and trying out some tiktok videos that just never seem to work out🤪. 🤍 I will always be so thankful Jase introduced us cause you’re stuck with me now broad. So, CHEERS to one of the kindest, most thoughtful, brutally honest, and sarcastic people I know! Love you sista, hope you have a great day!🥂♥️

last month

Happy Mother’s Day to my best friend♥️

last month

The things I learned in my workout today: 1. Not doing it for a few days makes it that much harder to get going again. 2. I think I died and sweat dripped in my eyes (and I don’t really sweat ) 3. It’s a toss-up whether I’m blonde or brunette 4. The resting b**** face was real. Sorry, @autumncalabrese

Apr 2020

It’s FINALLY official..my little team has a team name! Welcome the Dumbbells & Mimosas Crew!💪🏼🥂 🤍 A little personable fun team is exactly what I hoped for and it’s exactly what I have built. I’m lovin’ every minute of it. From all the fun hilarious craziness we share, to the tough love, to the motivational quotes, to the challenges we give each other, to the zoom workouts we do together, and to ALL of the food pics and sweaty selfies. I feel SO thankful for the ladies that trusted me to help them along the way and I ain’t goin’ anywhere. 🤍 My team ranges from teachers (a shit ton ), stay at home mamas, students, correctional officers, nurses, makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists, cheer coach, and even a freakin water treatment specialist (😂 ) 🤍 We’re all so different yet we all have similar goals and we’re always welcoming new ladies with open arms. I couldn’t be more stoked!!

Apr 2020

Spoke to one of my former professors today and he reminded me of one of his best mottos. Once you get the word “fair” out of your mind, life is so much easier. 🖤 It’s not fair that SHE got that job. It’s not fair that HE gets to travel. It’s not fair that MY life is so hard. It’s not fair that THIS happened to me. 🖤 We don’t know what people have gone through to get to where they are, what they’ve accomplished, or what they’ve earned. So enough of “it’s not fair” bull crap and more of “I’m gunna do this” to achieve this, or get to do this. MMMMKAY?? Ok cool☺️

Apr 2020

Because I’m proud for keeping the one consistent thing going in my life right now🙌🏼 . . This covid-ness is hard on everyone so the best thing we can do right now is CONTROL the CONTROLLABLE and that’s exactly what I plan to keep doing🖤

Mar 2020

Choosing to reflect on the positive before the world took a hit. So thankful I got to visit my cousin and his girlfriend in Cali last month! Was probably the most time we’ve spent together (they stayed a couple nights with Jase and I ) and it was exactly what I needed! Amazing what the power of having family around can do♥️🇨🇦🤍

Mar 2020

The world is a little cray cray right now and what I’ve learned the most is how much I touch my damn face, people are more worried about tp (and are insane ), and I’ll cry if I don’t get my timmies this summer. Mark my word, I will make it home for that steeped tea double-double🇨🇦😂 . . In all honesty though, I understand this is serious. I have been taking precautions. Washing my hands. Keeping up with the news. And I am practicing social distancing, not necessarily for myself as I’m not worried about getting sick, but I am worried for those who are at risk. Stay safe, friends!

Mar 2020

We take mimosa drinking very seriously🥂🍾 . . So thankful for this broad who’s always down to do anything even if it consists hiking up a hill while carrying mimosa supplies with you🖤

Mar 2020

Whelp, it’s been official for a bit now but as of about a week ago it’s actually “official official”. The inspection has passed and moms house is SOLD! . . I’m SO excited for her but have so many mixed emotions about it. We moved in when I was 13 years old with my step dad who we lost just over 3 years ago to cancer. We have so many great memories in that house, especially ones with him🖤. From having my first parties there (hehe...oops ) to the many family gatherings we’ve had to all of the hockey games watched with Jim, it is definitely bitter sweet and kind of difficult to comprehend that the next time I’ll be home it won’t be at the house but at moms new place. So happy for you mama bear!♥️ . . Hogeweide Drive, it was a good run. Onto the next chapter!🏡

Mar 2020

Had a blast and a half last night with my Californian family! Always leaving with sore abs from laughing so much and my love for wine just keeps getting stronger thanks to them🍷♥️

Feb 2020

IT’S OFFICIAL! This Canadian dog mama has decided to join The Great North team @the .great.north.apparel and couldn’t be more excited!🇨🇦 CODE: LISAB30 for 30% off your purchase😘🙌🏼

Feb 2020

Pretending I’m still playing in the snow at home while on vacay and not worrying about a thing cause school is kicking my ass and I’m over it🤪🍑 . . 📸: @stefaniimcs