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4 days ago

#amplifymelanatedvoices Going to keep posting on my story, information, resources, places to donate, etc. there’s a highlight on my page for it with a “💗” It’s super important that we don’t stay silent right now. It’s super important to keep spreading information and educational tools to help everyone actively join in on amplifying black voices. Do not post your usual content, only post things that will help raise up the black community. Do not post a black square with the blm hashtag it will only push helpful information down. Black LGBTQ+ youth please put your Venmo/cash app in the comments and EVERYONE ELSE DONATE DONATE DONATE. 💗💗💗

2 weeks ago

💗Playdate lyric video out now!💗 Go watch these lil stuffed animals and keep streaming the song💓 LINK IN BIO! sending love & light🌟 #streamplaydate

5 weeks ago

Just like a flower, we blossom and transform with the proper sunlight (clarity, positivity, passion, optimism ) a balanced amount of water (emotion, empathy, intuition, love ) enough fresh air (perspective, logic, knowledge, boundaries ) and when we are firmly planted in the ground. (wisdom, stability, abundance, foundation ) **scorpio full moon exercise** Look up at the moon and thank her for illuminating the patterns that she’s eager to help change. Spend a few minutes focusing in on each element and how it relates to your life. Ask the moon to heal these areas and bring them into balance. 🤍🤍🤍

last month

💕My song Play Date from my first album has taken on a life of it’s own and it’s the best birthday present ever💕 #streamplaydate 🌟link in bio🌟

last month

💗💕🍦 A Soft Serve 🍦💕💗

last month

💕Puff Puff Pass💕

last month

🐇💕Big Bunny Energy💕🐇

Mar 2020

🧼💗Stay Home Kids💗🧼

Mar 2020

@youtubemusic 💗💗💗 spotlight video out now! Link in bio💐🎂

Feb 2020

Instant soul recognition with this cutie from the moment we met. Grateful to be existing this lifetime with such a beautiful being. Thank you for holding my hand in the car when we first met🥺 I genuinely can’t believe that one moment led to me finding the most compassionate, loving and empathetic best friend and partner💕 @olivertree

Feb 2020

You are the seashell planting your existence on the shore catching the attention of many even if they aren’t picking you up, but just merely walking by. We all have holes, chips and scratches on us but these wear marks represent our journey, our wisdom, our knowledge, our lessons learned, our strength, and our vitality. No one needs to wear you on a necklace for you to be valued. No one needs to possess you in their drawer for you to be loved. Love starts inside of you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Feb 2020

💕🍦🌷 seeing through the bullshit since 1995 🌷🍦💕 ☁️TICKETS FOR THIS SUMMERS K-12 TOUR ARE ON SALE NOW- LINK IN BIO☁️

Feb 2020

💕🗡NEW K-12 SUMMER TOUR DATES🗡💗 ✨LINK IN BIO✨ Ticket pre-sale begins today💕 General on sale this Thursday! Also- I’m still finishing up writing this ‘After School EP’ but it will come out this spring! It includes songs (Fire Drill + Copy Cat feat: @tierrawhack 💕 ) can’t wait to play these new songs for you this summer!

Feb 2020

💕Copy Cat feat: @tierrawhack 💕 OUT NOW!!!! LINK IN BIO!!!! I’m so thrilled to be releasing this song with the most magical artist and insanely gifted lyricist, Tierra whack!💕 This song was written years ago and from an empathetic perspective even while in a very hurt place. We’re all told that imitation is flattery to ease the pain that the ego feels when other people get credited for our ideas and our work. But being human includes feeling a multitude of feelings and naturally this song came about when expressing those very raw emotions. I hope this song can not only bring comfort to anyone experiencing that feeling but also remind them to empathize with people who are just doing what society has conditioned them to believe will make them successful.

Feb 2020

🦷pulling teeth🦷

Feb 2020

💕Got a new whip!💕

Jan 2020

☁️💫chubby bunny🧴🐇

Jan 2020

✨🌜how aliens kiss🌛✨

Jan 2020

Honeypot loves to fly🧚🏼‍♀️💕

Jan 2020

My balloon dog honeypot is sad right now cause I’m leaving for tour in a day 🥺💗 if you want to feel the magic, the love, and the fully restored energy that will be present at these spaces - go get your tickets 🎟link in the bio🎟

Jan 2020

🌹ashes ashes we all fall down🌹

Jan 2020

When I was a child my parents would pull me in a wagon so I could fall asleep💕💤

Jan 2020

💕🐇swipe left for a surprise🐇💕 ✨ LUNCHBOX FRIENDS MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW - LINK IN BIO ✨

Jan 2020

🥚💕Silly Putty💕🥚