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God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. CLICK THE LINK FOR #JUSTICEFORBREONNA .

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desperate times 𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵 for this desperate texter • let's 𝓫𝓸𝓷𝓭 via text • text me at 713-903-3192 for a good time #wearadamnmask (disclaimer: no lawns were harmed in the making of this video )

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Let's call this, the Get Shit Done Challenge • #WearADamnMask #JusticeForBreonna

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happy daughters awareness day • thank you for giving me this life... and you're VERY welcome for giving you this gray hair.

3 weeks ago

This dream was documented four years ago in 2016 • Timeless facts brought to you by our ageless President. This brilliance still rings true to this day. Stay ready and get registered, in my link in bio.

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I sat down and bowed down to clean beauty Queen, Nneka Leiba, who has made it her life's mission to make our world better, and our lives healthier. She is a beauty & beast with expertise a.k.a she’s the Vice President of Healthy Living Science at @environmentalworkinggroup (the organization that’s making your health & well-being the priority it should be ). So, LISTEN TO NNEKA, and you’ll end up spending less money on potentially harmful products, and more time learning what’s BEST for it. Here are some industry facts & professional advice you can trust to help love & care for the grown-up-baby skin you’re in. ❤️ My smooth skin is brought to you by, of course, my @cestmoibeauty . And yes, this was filmed in February when breathing each other's air was socially acceptable.

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“They took a piece of me...” -Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika. Bre was 26. She aspired to be a nurse, she was ready to be a mother, and she just wanted to SLEEP. Breonna Taylor saved lives as an EMT while officers John Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove stole hers in her own home. There is nothing to discuss, only justice to demand. And you can do so quickly and effectively by clicking the link in my bio and taking impactful action with me. Your protests, perseverance and power has made history, now don't let her story go unheard, justice WILL be served. I’m patiently waiting for you to stop reading and click the link in my bio. We got this. For #BreonnaTaylor . #SayHerName .

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Over the years, my privilege and platform has allowed my voice to be heard. Now, it is my honor to amplify yours. These amazing Black artists help us understand their truth through song. Some of them inspire hope while others portray their despair, and their vulnerability translates into their art and is a true act of courage. Let this strike a chord with you. Connect to their emotions, be moved by their music and take action as an ally. #BlackLivesMatter Amazing artists in order of appearance: • Christian Imani @christianinmanmusic • Keedron Bryant @keedronbryant • Dem Jointz @demjointz • Kyla Imani @kylaimani • Kelvin Dukes @kelvin .sings • Chloe Nixon @chloenixonmusic • Nesmith @_mr .nesmith • Ryan Wirtz @ryanwirtzmusic • Rynnstar @therealrynnstar • Curtis Roach @curtistootrill • Clint Johnson @itsrvshvd • Batts @battz_ • Eric @ericwho_

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Happy 27th Birthday, Breonna Taylor. Thank you for serving your precious time on Earth as an EMT, even working at two hospitals during Covid-19. Dedicating yourself to saving lives by day, and yet, yours was suddenly taken that night. Breonna was sleeping peacefully at home in bed, that was until three policemen came in and shot her dead. It wasn’t until after that they realized they were in the wrong home. Breonna just wanted to sleep. I’m sorry you couldn’t Bre, and I pray you forever Rest In Peace. Her killers still walk free today. Her family deserves answers. Her justice must served. Louisville leadership must be pressured to act now. Say her name, know her story, make the calls (link in bio ). We're gonna make noise for your Birthday, Bre. Your life matters. #birthdayforbreonna #justiceforbre #blacklivesmatter

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My whole being is in pain. Say it, know it, show it — Black lives matter. Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd. Say their names, their lives matter. The countless lives we’ve mourned, matter. I promise to be a lifelong learner and a committed, even if imperfect, advocate in action. I am an ally, with the aim of becoming an accomplice. Hand in hand, we must collectively bring this injustice to an end. Accept the responsibility, embrace your revelation, and become our revolution. Read. Digest. Discuss. Listen. Learn. Unlearn. Unravel. Understand. Declare. Defend. Donate. Represent. Rally. Vote. Reform. Vote. Register. Vote. Whatever gift God gave you, use it to amplify and act in solidarity. Whether your paint is your power, your story is sung with your soul, or your keyboard is your sword. I love you. I stand with you. I’ll kneel, feel, heal with you. #BlackLivesMatter Make sure they matter to you. There’s a link in my bio if you need guidance too. Featured, brilliant artists: • Nikkolas Smith @nikkolas_smith • Danielle Coke @ohhappydani • Ellie Bryan @blackbanjoarts • Keedron Bryant @keedronbryant

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pictured: ariana grande's stand-in for "rain on me" • swipe for versatility and personality

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thanks for not drawing me cockeyed, @reichen_art . this is a look, i see you girl. keep creating y'all! i like what i see 👀

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buffering beauty • we are experiencing technical / emotional difficulties at this time, please try again later

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i miss hugs. this was one of my last lucky recipients, pre-quarantine • if you need a dose of love & hope, i prescribe watching the phenomenal BECOMING documentary on Netflix to experience a spiritual & virtual embrace 🤟🏽

last month

watching a movie with my neighbors... watching my neighbor's movie... same same

last month

happy 24th birthday sarina

last month

my mother is an artist, and i... her work of art. or as she says, "a piece of work.” but here's another of hers • PICTURED: "a strong Native American woman taking a moment to meditate during her work." NOT PICTURED: the three strong daughters she also made. big fan of your work, mom. i can't wait to become a masterpiece of a mother like you.

May 2020

the most chaotic, yet baby-smooth skincare routine on youtube. watch harper's bazaar most bizarre video, out now.

May 2020

remember when 2018’s Met Gala theme was “Heavenly Bodies” and I misread it as “Heavenly Booties” lol, i made an ass of myself

May 2020

Met Gala 2019 • I miss my pink poptart dream boat. If you recreate this look using whatever you have at home, I WILL repost you. That’s a challenge and a threat. Good luck. May the 4th be with you. • Made a video with @voguemagazine to make up for this years. Watch and stifle tears with me.

Apr 2020

put your leg in the air if you have a new dance show and zero teeth • comment below if you've watched FLOORED or have a tooth

Apr 2020

the only dance show where the floor is just as unstable as the host • you're stubborn, so i stole the first full episode off of @quibi and posted it here to convince/bribe you to watch 11 more episodes releasing daily! thank you to our first guest judges @adaripp and @amandaseales for your jaw drops, and to our dancers for your body slams. watch more people get hit on our hit show, #Floored lol.

Apr 2020

opening my fridge at 4am for my eighth meal of the day... in full glam for no reason

Apr 2020

happy every-day-should-be earth day! this was the last time i was outside. can’t wait to wiz in the ocean again. love you, mama.