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I just like running. Pro 1, 2, 3 amendments. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #trump2020 🇺🇸

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2 weeks ago

Plz add my snap im bored @yeethan101

2 weeks ago

Back at the old grind👏👑💪

3 weeks ago

Ayo on a real note hmu and spread the word for this pleaaaseee!! Talk to me if you’re interested because this is the best event yet! Hamburger Hill Airsoft. Marines vs. Vietcong. Day and night, bring camping gear

last month

They taken over Winthrop boys. And why he driving if he can’t breathe. Also FYI if you find this offensive shut up and plz unfollow you’d do me a big favor

Jun 2020

Absolutely! Trump 2020 #trump #alllivesmatter #trump2020 #wethepeople

Jun 2020

All lives matter #alllivesmatter #alm #wethepeople #america #trump

May 2020

Found myself a workout routine I absolutely enjoy. And I’m v happy with the results👍

May 2020

Missing school. I hate doing work from home. But more time to hike and look thick..... Photo credit: @okaidennn p.s don’t mind my face you shouldn’t even be looking at it😂

May 2020

My bike kinda cool. Except it hurts my booty a lot😬😂

Apr 2020

I planted a tree today🌲

Mar 2020

Until Tomorrow.....👋😡😂.

Jan 2020

Ever have those days. Where your filled with such emotions and you don’t know how to deal with them. Me too bro👍 have a nice night. No I caaaannnttt, no I caaaant waaiittt to get, out of heeereeeee. I seeee youuu at the moooovieeeess🤷‍♂️

Jan 2020

Happy Birthday Momma❤️ thank you for always being the voice I hear at any sporting event. Thank you for always working hard to make us happy and to put food on the table. Thank you for teaching me all your art skills. And all the memories you have given me, all the trips you’ve tried hard for. And even the times when your scared to crap because I’m driving YOUR car with dad. Thank you mom for always trying to make sure we live in a world free from harm and I can’t thank you enough for all you do for not only this family, but more specifically me❤️ I love you mom and I hope I can repay the favor to you❤️

Dec 2019

I probably won’t post much but I wanna start posting more. Thanks for all the people that showed up to the mix and match wrestling meet last night. And thank you for all the support. I don’t know why I chose this picture but I just felt like it

Nov 2019

It’s a mood🎅🏿💀 . . . . Oh yeah I can’t wait until Christmas either😬 #swaggersouls

Oct 2019

Yeah so it’s me.. uhh don’t know when I’ll get my other account back it hopefully soon