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Mar 2020

Jan 2020

This car has... *checks notes* ...2 large gold mushrooms in the back seat.

Jan 2020

For the past few days I’ve been revisiting film photography. I had mostly given up on it after being repeatedly disappointed by my photos and scans. Processing at home brought the cost down but it didn’t help fix anything. Recently, after conversations with @jarodl , I realized that most of my problems stem from bad exposure during shooting. Been really fun to pay a lot more attention to my subjects and composition and think about the exposure more systematically. The first 2 test rolls came out ok. A few that were properly exposed looked amazing, but most were still badly exposed. I’ll write more about what I’m exploring and noticing as I progress.

Jan 2020

Let’s find out if home-grinding the meat yields a noticeably better burger... so far the color is intensely nicer and the grind, though coarse, looks better. Next time I might bring a bit finer. Also, pulling meat off oxtail is not something I would repeat. Will likely just get chuck next time for fat...

Jan 2020

et voilà! La galette des rois pour l’épiphanie

Jan 2020

Working on my puff pastry game : )

Dec 2019

Dried Meyer lemon slices from the garden. Got our hands on a food dehydrator and you bet I’ll be dehydrating everything I can get my hands on. These are so friggin incredible. Can’t wait to grind some of these into a lemon powder. Next up is some @brad_leone inspired miso powder...

Nov 2019

A festive bake this time around

Oct 2019

First ride since April! A huge huge thank you to Elijah and the rest of the @rittecycles team who hooked me up with a great deal on a replacement bike after my much beloved Stainless Snob was stolen earlier in the year. I’m so happy to be back on a bike : ) and a huge thank you to @goldensaddlecyclery for building this beast up for me. What a great group of people.

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Aug 2019

Aug 2019

Oh helllll yes! Amazing! 10% rye, 10% whole wheat, 80% bread flour. Fantastic.

Aug 2019

Först time baking in a while. Feels great to get back into it. Really active starter made the dough feel lighter, so I’m excited to dig I to this one...

May 2019

Feeling quite sad to share that my beloved Ritte bike was stolen yesterday 😔 someone broke into the gate and cut the lock ). I lusted after this bike for a long time and had to special order it, and thought it would be a lifelong bike ;( If you’re in the LA area, please keep your eyes out. It’s a distinctive bike, there aren’t many like it. #stolenbike

May 2019

fougasse unbaked, fougasse baked in a pizza oven (failed experiment, ended up looking and tasting like (delicious ) pizza crust ), and fougasse baked like baguettes, which is much more appropriate. Thanks @maurizio for the recipe! . . . . . #sourdough #bread #wildyeast #darkroomapp #f52grams #feedfeed #tastingtable #foodandwine #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #TASTEcooking #thebakefeed #eattheworld #bbga #eeeeeats #foodblog #bareaders #nytfood #foodie #food #saveur #kitchn #ediblenm #buzzfeast #cookserious #baking #igdaily #instagood @thefeedfeed

May 2019

HP5 @1600 . I’m only sharing the highlights of pushing this film two stops. It’s too intense. Don’t think I’m doing this again. Next experiment is overexposing a roll at its native iso 400. I want a more contrasts and brighter look. Maybe overexposed and pushed 1-stop instead of two?

May 2019

Love the contrast-y look of this HP5 @ 1600

Apr 2019

Thrilled with how this detail shot turned out. Pushed my 400-ISO HP5+ to ISO 1600. For most shots, it was too intense, but for some, it turned out awesome. 17 min development time might be too much to keep doing this though. I think it even ruined some shots. Mainly just happy that I can now experiment with processing film at home.

Apr 2019

First time processing my own film at home. Just a simple test roll of 120 HP5. Man this gives me butterflies. Thanks @theschooloflight for showing me...the light. Super thrilled with getting some sharp clean exposures on my first try. Magic.