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last month

More pictures from The Outside. 🐿 also move over @itsterrelll it's time for my nature pics to be at the top of everyone's feed 😛

last month

Went outside and breathed in some sweet, uncontaminated air 🍁

Feb 2020

It's black history month ✊🏾

Nov 2019

Woods Hole, you were beautiful and made me want to swim with all the ocean creatures and dream about the deep sea 🐳🌊 there's some amazing research going on here and throughout the world on climate change, and i learned about a lot of it through the Graduate Climate Conference this past weekend. Time to go home now 👋😭

Nov 2019

New year, new podcast. Just ordered stickers for my nerdy podcast launching in January 😊 Thanks @katieturnerart for doing the podcast artwork. It's time i took blogging to a new level - the audio level. Hope you enjoy hearing my annoying voice bc you'll hear it even more *if you listen to Swamped*!

Aug 2019

Just trying to blend in 🌺 spent time with the people i love this week 😊✌ #love #gardens

Jul 2019

It's Leo season 🐯 and my 23rd time around the sun 🌞 thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Jun 2019

Babe took me to the gardens today 😇 i could spend all day chillin with the flowers 🌸

Jun 2019

Sadly, this is tea and not beer 🍺 😥 I need new friends near Fitchburg

Jun 2019

Went for a hike with some friends this weekend 😊 saw a 🐦and swam in the 🌊. Living in WI isn't all bad.

May 2019

My favorite brat 💙

May 2019

Wish i never had to leave CO 🌞

May 2019

Do i look at home here? I never thought I'd step foot on the rockies. But the future is unpredictable ✌😊🗻

Apr 2019

Hello Chicago 👋 here for the black women's expo 😜

Mar 2019

Feb 2019

Fun pics from the Wetland Science Conference 😊 🐸 i call this one The Princess + The Frog

Oct 2018

Some pictures of Madison as the weather turns sour ❄☔⛄ shoutout to the girl who's mean mugging me in the third picture 📷

Oct 2018

Yesterday evening's view from the roof 🌇

Oct 2018

Headed up to Trout Lake Research Station today 🐢

Oct 2018

We didn't actually go anywhere tonight but its the thought that counts 😂🐰

Sep 2018

Leaving Buffalo and my man today (again ) 😭 can't wait to see you for thanksgiving 💙

Sep 2018

Visited the sunflowers 🌻

Aug 2018

Showed my support for the LGBTQ community today at pride. 💗 the atmosphere of acceptance in madison ✊ the future looks bright. thanks to my new roommate for going with me!

Aug 2018

Its been a year and a half of being best friends and lovers and it's wonderful to take a step back and look at all the memories we've made together. You're the love of my life Terrell 💗 I know the quality in the Niagara falls pic is probably killing you but we'll have more pictures together soon 😊 can't wait to visit you!