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1 weeks ago

1 camp 🙏🏾 #teammartymar #realtalk #tbt

2 weeks ago

Wanted to share a special film that showcases the life of civil rights activist and Democratic Representative, John Lewis. A man who walked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, his powerful journey fighting for our culture is one that I hope inspires others as it relates so heavily with the continued tragedies we face today. Make sure y’all check it out July 3rd. @johnlewisdoc #teammartymar #JohnLewisIsGoodTrouble www.johnlewisgoodtrouble.com

2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful and lovely fiancé. God bless you baby. You’re the best! @robertathenurse #happybirthday #birthdaygirl

3 weeks ago

Here’s your chance to get to know some of the most important women in my life while we make use of this time at home with a little trivia game! #teammartymar #family #queens #blessed 🎥 @imandrewjackson

3 weeks ago

Happy Father’s Day to all the proud Dad’s out there as well as the strong mother’s fillin in for two. Enjoy your day! #teammartymar #fathersday #proudpoppa #blessed

3 weeks ago

Today we honor the unbreakable spirit of our people that resulted in the knowledge that freedom was the first step. With the tragic events of the last few months, this Juneteenth stands as a reminder of not only where we started, but also how much work still needs to be done. But y'all know when we stand together theres nothing that can keep us down. Much love! #teammartymar #juneteenth #blacklivesmatter #standtogether

4 weeks ago

It’s all wrong. #teammartymar

last month

On what would have been Breonna Taylor’s birthday, I want to honor her memory and #SayHerName Breonna’s killer still hasn’t been arrested and that’s unacceptable. To Breonna’s family, I’m sending my love and prayers to you all. We have to continue to unify, uplift one another, and fight for justice. Much love and God bless. ✊🏿❤️

last month


last month

Sitting back and watching everything unfold during the last few weeks has left me with a heavy heart. I’m saddened to see such continued tragedies fall not only on our brothas and sistas, but our culture as a whole. My utmost support and continued prayers. #georgefloyd #ahmaudarbery #breonnataylor

last month

The bigger picture is always in focus #teammartymar #motivation #focus 📸 @imandrewjackson

last month

Miss the energy #teammartymar #badboysforlife #fbf 📸 @imandrewjackson

last month

Who thinks they’re ready? #teammartymar #quarantine #fitness #gym

last month

Let ya boy know how y’all feelin today! #teammartymar #mood

last month

Watch me beat my lady @robertathenurse with my own Martin cards. Get yours @theblackpackco today so you can have fun at home playing whatever card games y’all want! #teammartymar #quarantine #coronavirus #stayhome

last month

That time Steven Spielberg and I caught a @lakers game 🏀 #teammartymar #tbt #basketball

last month

Check out ya boy, Chef Marty Mar, doin his thang and throwin down in the kitchen! Who wants a plate!? #teammartymar #food @therealtommycat 🎥 @imandrewjackson

May 2020

May #ahmaudarbery Rest In Peace. God bless his family and friends. Walked in his honor today, and praying that his mother gets the justice she deserves for her child. I #runwithmaud #justiceforahmaud #irunwithmaud

May 2020

To all the women out there with one of the hardest jobs you can have, I wanna wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! #teammartymar #happymothersday #missyoumom

May 2020

My deepest condolences and prayers to the family of Andre Harrell. Truly a wonderful person and legend in Hip Hop that forever changed the culture #andreharrell #rip #hiphop

May 2020

So very sad to hear of the passing of such a pioneer of music and all around amazing human being. Honored to have had the chance to have him on the show years ago and those memories are ones I’ll never forget. My deepest condolences go out to his family #littlerichard #rip #godfatherofrockandroll

May 2020

There’s always a few key people that help shape who you’ll become and for me, Froggy was one of the first. She let a young kid in her class be himself for a few minutes a day and that’s something I’ll never forget. Much love to all the teachers out there helping our youth see their true potential 🙏🏾 #teammartymar #tbt #teacher #erhs

May 2020

Tryin to explain why you gotta celebrate Cinco De Mayo during #stayhome 🇲🇽 #teammartymar #cincodemayo #bluestreak