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The owner of @themermaidsealon in Dallas 🧜‍♀️ And a professional treasure hunter on amazon 😉 🔎 ✨ All websites & amazon linked here : Click this ↘️💖↙️

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2 hours ago

3 bags ( mini mermaid ) of SEAmless wefts on @kymbrek 💁🏼‍♀️ installed by @mermaidhairxo Call 469-677-6040 to book your extension or color services at @themermaidsealon 🧜‍♀️


Perfume for your furniture ✨ Super easy #DIY / #hack to make your house smell extra luxurious 😉 💖 Click #amazon link in bio to order both! Xo amazon.com/shop/mermaidhairxo

2 days ago

@mermaidhairxo installed 4 bags of Vanilla Frappuccino Swirl 🍨microbead extensions on @connormpetree 🧜‍♀️ extensions toned and root smudged by Karla @chavanaaa for the perfect blend 👌🏽 Call 469-677-6040 to book at @themermaidsealon 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♂️

2 days ago

Obsesssssed with @injectablebeauty at home anti-aging mask kit!! Wait till you see how soft my face looks at the end of the video 🤩 Y’all can Dm @wildrose_aesthetics to purchase! This was so fun and so freaking cool!! Pain level like a 2 haha and totally worth it 👌🏽. . . Thanks for sending me this , I know my followers are gonna be obsessed toooooo 💫! . . Also shout out to @thejypsywillow for my Quarantine and Chill T-shirt!!! It’s so perfect for nights like this!! Thank you!! Use code Katie15 to save 💋

3 days ago

3 bags ( mini mermaid ) of SEAmless wefts on @kymbrek 💁🏼‍♀️ installed by @mermaidhairxo Call 469-677-6040 to book your extension or color services at @themermaidsealon 🧜‍♀️

3 days ago

💜 Purple liner issa vibe for summer baybayyyy 💜 I’m feeling it! Who else wants to try this out? I’m choosing a winner who comments below to send a purple liner to 😉 comment below and tag 2 friends and tell them WHY you like following me 💜 good luck! Xo

4 days ago

Rooted ombré SEAmless extensions on my girl @_hayyyley_ ! We used 5 bags mini mega mermaid , 23” and long layers 🧜‍♀️ Call 469-677-6040 to book @themermaidsealon . . Song is POPPIN on Tikker Tokker sooo we bringing it over here to Instaland 😜

2 weeks ago

Before and after color and hair extensions transformation!! Love!! 4 bags SEAmless wefts installed by me @mermaidhairxo and @xoaaren 🧜‍♂️! Balayage by @itspaulzamora ! Book with everyone at @themermaidsealon in Dallas!! Xo

2 weeks ago

Gorgeous transformation with SEAmleas wefts 🧜‍♀️ by @mermaidhairxo and color by @maeislay at @themermaidsealon ⭐️ Call 469-677-6040 to book

3 weeks ago

Before and after with my @rocolashes Rosé Couture Lash Curler 🤩😍🤩 ReadySetGLAM.com • 14.99 • You can also pick up at @themermaidsealon 🧜‍♀️ Tag me in your #rocolashes and curler selfies to be be reposted 😘! #supportsmallbusiness 🙏🏽

4 weeks ago

Book your 🍊 🌸 Luxury Pedicure 🌸 🍊 at @themermaidsealon in Dallas • 469-677-6040 with Ely @beautyxely & Haley @the .nail.plugg #nails #pedicure #dallassalon

4 weeks ago

First thing to check off ✅ the beauty list - my PAWS 🐾 Thank you Haley @the .nail.plugg for making my nails look puuuurfect 😻 Book with her or Ely @beautyxely at @themermaidsealon • 469-677-6040 #nails #nailinspo #bohostyle #cheetah #leopard #turquoise #evileye #thirdeye #positivity #positivevibes #cutenails

4 weeks ago

Fairy(tail )s reallyyyy do come true 😌✨🦋🐶💜🌸 💫 @scuttlefromthesealon | butterfly clips are in my amazon “hair” section , click link in bio 🌈

4 weeks ago

☀️☀️Happy Tuesday!! ☀️☀️Have the BLESSED day ever you guys!! During all this chaos, there’s been so much negativity so I challenge you to comment 2 POSITIVE things below that you’ve done during quarantine! Let’s change our mindset 🧘🏼‍♀️ - for me - #1 Working on my mental health and inner happiness • Ive been meditating more , drinking less , doing DIY projects , journaling , spending quality time with @jd_physique and his kiddos , etc. #2 Thinking of ways to be more successful this year and learning all the ins and outs of my business. There’s so much more than just being the “face” of something to make it successful. A lot of things have to be done in the backend to truly have a business that will be here for the long haul. So just changing my mindset to not just today - but how to grow @themermaidsealon empire in the future as well 🧜‍♀️ . . Comment below ( it feels good to actually write something down and put out into the universe ✨ ) Also I’m going to be following a few of you guys back 😉 💫

4 weeks ago

#quarantine Project of the day - LeOpard Airfryer 🖤🤍🐆🖤🤍 SO CUTE !! #diy #diyproject order from my #amazon - link in bio ( #kitchen section )

5 weeks ago

Watch this video to see what #amazonfinds I found this week and let me know which one is your favorite! Following someone back who comments below , every time I post these hauls 💖. Xo . . Amazon.Com/SHOP/MermaidHairXo or click link in bio 👩🏻‍💻 . . . *Read below for items ( spoiler )* . . . . • Luxury Bath pillow • Sifter for cocoa powder and stencils for coffee • Pink 2 piece set with cute tassels • 2 vases that look like chemistry tubes • Velvet beauty blender makeup sponge . . . #amazon #amazonfashion #amazondeals #amazoninfluencer #blogger #makeup #whippedcoffee #flowers #bath #pink

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• • Home goods : Horse head Vase with feathers Silver Canisters Lion Pink soap container • • Amazon : Teapot Copper knives Copper pet bowls Copper pet food containers Pink kitchenware Keurig coffee machine White Coffee holder Black and white runner • • Overstock Champagne bottle paintings Bar stools • • Redoux couture Neon Fuxking Gorgeous sign • • Ross : Gold candle Mirrored tray • • @shopdearhannah : Napkins • •

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Get this lilac dress from @spottedboutiquexoxo 👗💜 Code MERMAID20 ••• If you want me to promote your boutique - Dm me - I’ll let you know where to send Tail 🧜‍♀️ Mail 📦 Xo #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #dress #clueless #cher

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A dress 😁💁🏻‍♀️👗 love this movie haha totally had to reenact this scene 😉 how’d I do ? Xo 💜 dress @spottedboutiquexoxo code Mermaid20 • • #clueless #cher #cluelessmovie #cluelessoutfit

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This was fun 😏💜. Xo • • 👗 @spottedboutiquexoxo code Mermaid20

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Filming my apartment tour this week - what should we name this room 🤔 champagne room? Ladies lounge haha .. mmm I need some ideers 🤓 I’m sleepy 😴 haha Comment below please LYSM 😘💖✨

last month

^turn the volume up^ • • This is what the fridge says to all the other appliances talking shit about his new flamingo 🦩 fit. Hahah #dontworryaboutitsweetheart 🤣 #fashion #splash

last month

✨🧟‍♀️ ZOMBIE FACE MASK 🧟‍♀️✨ love how tight and soft it made my skin feel 👌🏽

last month

Of course I would make my #whippedcoffee Extra AF ✨🦄💁🏻‍♀️ ☕️💕