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trauma mia here we go again 📍Chicago

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5 days ago

She’s FINE she’s literally FINE. We are NOT going home.

3 weeks ago

Not pictured: the food and wine we devoured. You’re celebrated everyday, dad. Ti voglio bene💕

4 weeks ago

Ira changed 7 times, Remus probably puked 8 times and the Pirc’s, yet again, hosted an amazing weekend at the lake💕🥰

last month

I see you, I hear you, I STAND with you. You matter. BLACK LIVES MATTER. #blackouttuesday 🖤

last month

I woke up this morning needing to move. I woke up this morning feeling like many of us do, right now, but not having the proper words to articulate my emotions. So, my limbs flailing are my anger. My facial expressions are my sadness and desperation. My poorly structured improv and poor technique is my confusion. And my hope is that all of us are able to express our emotions regarding the world right now in a way that inspires change within ourselves. Because at the end of the day it’s so important we are good to each other. We are all we’ve got. Song: Mercy by @erynallenkane #idontowncopyrightstothemusic

last month

Thanks for the southern hospitality this week, my 🍯💕

last month

@Kt_c_1 thanks for this backyard photoshoot and thanks for not roasting my ass in the process

Apr 2020

IG stories saw it first and probably no one will see it now lol

Apr 2020

My name is Mia Volpe and I know a swuit when I see one!!!

Mar 2020

hey insta, this is our debut!

Mar 2020

Daylight savings, nice of you to show up! My seasonal depression has been whooping my ass. Caption ghost writer: @kt_c_1

Feb 2020

Today Mia is laughing at yesterday morning Mia who said “I’m saying no to nothing today” 💀

Feb 2020

Celebrating another year at the coupon factory with my favorite faces🥰💕

Jan 2020

many many she-nannigans

Dec 2019

Spot the difference

Dec 2019

Dec 2019

This photo is brought to you by @drinkrumpleminze and chocolate syrup

Nov 2019

A wise man once sang “She’s always buzzin just like neon” and I really felt that

Oct 2019

ba da da dum 👏🏼 👏🏼

Oct 2019

tippin my hat to Mother Nature for the g o r g e o u s day ps. you need this hat. Go to @urbanoutfitters and buy this hat

Oct 2019

*When it’s October 1st but 85 degrees in Chicago* Tim Gunn: DESIGNERS MAKE IT WORK👏🏼 • • • #chicago #fallfashion #discoverunder5k #zara #ootd #ootdfashion #bloggerstyle

Sep 2019

Seeing triple👀

Sep 2019

Thumbs up for the birthday GORL!!! It’s actually annoying how much I love you💕

Sep 2019

*WARNING: SENTI POST* scroll if you’d like to read🤗 It’s difficult to articulate how lucky I feel to be able to continue to do this. To continue to push myself in this craft. To immerse myself in the music, the movement and the dancers surrounding me. This was my first heels class and while I feel vulnerable posting this knowing it’s not perfect, very, very far from it, I want to thank my limbs for being pushed to their limits even when I thought I couldn’t do this. Dance will always be my constant. It will always be my crutch on the hardest days. It’s the thing I turn to when I need to release. So although I’m not where I used to be I feel blessed to keep moving in whatever direction dance will take me. Thank you for the moves @ciscochoreography I feel so honored to have learned from you in my hometown✨🙏🏼