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Jun 2019

•Friends may come and go, but they are never truly gone• 💛 - - - - - About a year ago, I met this wonderful person named Elisabeth Fortineau. She was... incredible. Funny, charismatic, understanding, kind, courageous, and a million other things. She was a friend when it mattered the most. She was uplifting when the world was down. She fought through the tough times and came out triumphant. Yesterday, she left us to go back to her home in France. I can't even explain how many tears we have cried, how much we already miss her... I'm so jealous of the people who get to see her everyday. I consider myself SO lucky to have gotten to meet her. And we miss her so much. It's as if a part of our lives just disappeared without a trace. I know that after this, the world will keep on spinning, and our lives will keep going... but we will never forget our Frenchie. She was so much more than an exchange student to us. She was a friend. OUR friend. And my only wish is that I get to see her again. @lizzthefrenchie , I miss you so much. Please come visit soon. ❤ Moira - Big thanks to @nettle_xxedits and @brookes_cheesy_spam for the edit! ❤

Apr 2019

Pure talent can't be beat 👑👌

Apr 2019

Take me back to the city 💕🏙