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• I’m not here for the fame, I’m just here to entertain • Contact @neilchitohwa for all business inquiries • Peep my new single ‘All In’ now!!! 🔁⤵️

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4 days ago

With all that’s going on in the world right now and throughout 2020, I feel as though it wouldn’t be right for me as a black man to not write something about how I feel about everything. ⁣ ⁣ With that being said, next Friday I’ll be dropping my second single of the year called ‘Good Versus Evil’ produced by my brother @pascalbeatz . ⁣ ⁣ This is something different from what I usually release but I felt it’s necessary during these times. ⁣ ⁣ Hope y’all enjoy this snippet! Out next Friday on all streaming platforms!!! 🙏🏾

2 weeks ago

Over 3000 streams overall already in 4 days on ‘All In’ and we’re just getting started!! 😈😈😈 🔥🔥🔥⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Stream ‘All In’ today or you gon have bad luck the rest of the week! Don’t test it either, jus go run it back!!! I love y’all, thanks for the continued support 🙏🏾💙🙌🏾 link in my bio!

3 weeks ago

My new single ‘All In’ is out now on all streaming platforms!!! 🔥🚀💫💰 Watch the video/stream it at the link in my bio!!! Keep running it up and share it with everybody you know!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 BIG SHOUT OUT TO @wolverjhev FOR BEING HYPE MAN OF THE YEAR TOO! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 love y’all! 💙 (Mixed and mastered by me!! )

3 weeks ago

Big shout out to @aceburpee for being the first DJ to spin ‘All In’ on radio this morning on @virginradiowinnipeg !! It’s out now on all streaming platforms if you didn’t know!!! You can peep the video on my YouTube channel as well 🔥🔥🔥🔥 link in my bio! thank you to everybody who has been supporting! Keep sharing it with your friends, it only gets more lit from here!! 🚀💫💸💰 I love y’all 💙🙏🏾

3 weeks ago

‘All In’ is officially out now on all streaming platforms!!! Produced by @cinqobeatz !!! Peep the video shot by the one and only @fortydiamonds on my YouTube channel, link is in my bio!!! 🚀💫 Tell your friends to tell their friends!!! Thank you to everybody who’s been supporting me, let’s take this thing to another level now! I love y’all!! 🙏🏾🙌🏾

3 weeks ago

Scared money don’t make no money!! 🚫🧢 You gotta invest in yourself! Bet on yourself all day everyday even when they doubt you!!! 💰💰💰💰💰There’s less than 12 hours til ‘All In’ drops on all streaming platforms!! DROP A COMMENT IF YOU’RE BETTING ALL IN ON YOURSELF!! 😤💸😈

3 weeks ago

When the homie thinks his idea is good but you’re just thinkin “this nigga crazy as hell” 🤣😂💀 ‘ALL IN’ DROPS IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS BABY!!! #captionthis

3 weeks ago

Grown man business. It’s GRAMMY season. 🤵🏾🤴🏾👨🏾‍💻 3 DAYS TIL ‘ALL IN’ drops baby!! LESKEDDIT GANG!!

3 weeks ago

4 days til ‘All In’ drops. Y’all ready?!?! DROP A COMMENT IF YOU ARE AND TAG A FRIEND TOO!! 😤😈🔥

4 weeks ago

How you gonna shine but you ain’t wanna put in time?

4 weeks ago

Big dog status, homie, go and check the paw prints. 🐾

4 weeks ago

Some people thought I fell off, but I was busy getting on. 💎🤞🏾🎲 #ProductOfThe4 #BackOffHiatus

5 weeks ago

Money Makin Yaz. 🎲🏀💫💰

5 weeks ago

All I see is the money. 🤑

5 weeks ago

Sorry for the wait! It’s been quiet for me the past 10 months but the drought is officially over. I’m back off hiatus! My first single/music video of 2020 and the first single off my new album coming this fall is called ‘All In’ and it’ll be out on all streaming platforms officially on June 26, 2020! This is a song for everybody who’s dedicated to improving their life and going all in everyday! An anthem for all the hustlers our there! Make sure to pre-save it at the link in my bio. Chapter 3 starts right away 😈😈😈 TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND!!! Produced by @cinqobeatz Shot & Directed by @fortydiamonds

Feb 2020

I am absolutely gassed to say I made #2 on @yahoofinance Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2020 list! I’m a big fan of some of the other artists on here (shout out @keem and @kennymason ) I know I been quiet lately but just know there’s a storm coming. 🙏🏾 thank you for all the support, I love you guys so much! Let’s make this year bigger than all the rest combined!

Jan 2020

I done came up but the come up was slow, 7 years grinding but got 50 more. 🙏🏾

Jan 2020

A behind the scenes look at Myazwe’s Frosh performance. Directed and Edited by @juicedennie _ Shot by @its .max.kay & @zocialmedia .ca _ • • • #whoismyazwe #froshfest2019 #wizkhalifa #daytoday #dababy #whoisbabyjesus #documentary #docuseries #worldstarhiphop #independentartist

Jan 2020

Icy like the city I’m from. ⛄️❄️

Dec 2019

A look into the hours leading up to Frosh Fest. Shot by @its .max.kay - Directed by @juicedennie _ • • • • • #igtvchannel #igtv #igdaily #independent #Myazwe2020 # #whoismyazwe

Nov 2019

A behind the scenes look of the week of rehearsals ahead of Frosh Fest 2019. Shot & Edited by @max .khomenko (Max The Shooter ) Directed by @juicedennie

Oct 2019

Flashback recap to the events which occurred last month. We’re mighty blessed! 🙏🏾🙌🏾 #NoExcuses #ShutdownTing

Oct 2019

A behind the scenes look into Myazwe’s life and inner circle. •Shot & Edited by @max .khomenko (Max The Shooter ) Directed by @juicedennie