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3 days ago

I guess this is what happens when you start teething? 🦷 any tips on teething stage?

4 days ago

Decided to take a look at the ocean this time!

4 days ago

I live at the top of the hill so ocean views are nice but instead I’m here staring off at what I assume is a bird 🐦 #explore #sanfrancisco

4 days ago

This modeling stuff sure is hard work #nofilter #adventure

5 days ago

Mondays can be rough but at least the weekend was fun! #nature #adventure

6 days ago

Puppy #hike time. #nofilter How did you spend the 4th?

6 days ago

Running through the backyard as if it was a random group at fort mason 🐕 #adventure

1 weeks ago

How I’ll be eyeing all that 4th of July bbq! #4thofjuly #bbq

1 weeks ago

Some habits don’t go away still love snacking on leaves🍁 and flowers 🌸

2 weeks ago

Almond milk is in season right? Idk how this thing I’m chewing on turns into milk 😂 #love #almondmilk

2 weeks ago

Honestly running through the orchards was so much fun! I wish I could do it more often! #adventure in #nature because of our #love for it!

2 weeks ago

This my first trip to an almond orchard my grandma lives on 😊 I had a blast. #adventure #outdoors it’s always nice to leave the city and explore 🐕

2 weeks ago

Last tip of the day! Check out the previous two! Here I did some small editing decided to try adding structure to bring out the rocks a little definition, vignette to make edges a little darker as well, I don’t use filters so team #nofilter most of the time but sometimes lighting and adjusting structure can bring out great details in the photos just look at those rocks! Get outdoors and #love #nature and #adventure

2 weeks ago

Try to tell a story blue loves #nature and #adventure having pleasing things in backgrounds can make a huge difference! Do you have a favorite place to go take pictures? Instagram is all about community and sharing so please do #love

2 weeks ago

I hardly if ever really edit my photos a fun trick is just to get outside and use natural light. Do you edit your photos a lot? #dogphotography #tips

2 weeks ago

Sometimes the trick to a good photo is just catching a candid moment! Take a look at his puppy 🐶 dog 🐕 eyes 👀 #puppydogeyes in #nature

2 weeks ago

Another good trick for catching great pictures! Keep some rotisserie chicken salt free, or some tuna. Both of these things catch my attention just look how intently I’m focused on my pawrent! He makes me do a spin then sit or stand depending on shot we are going for! #nature shots in #dogphotography

2 weeks ago

How does your pawrent get you to stay still for pictures??? My pawrent calls my name and looks me in the eyes this helps me think he is paying attention to me so I sit still if he puts the phone between us then I get too excited and break my pose! It also helps to have treats for post picture reward!!! #dogphotography in #nature

2 weeks ago

Final post for the day, what kind of content do you want to see? Training tips, hiking adventures, blue is a big fan of just getting outside! #sfdogs #sanfrancisco

2 weeks ago

Do you ever just sit and watch the sunset? #sf #sunset

2 weeks ago

Aussies doing things! What did you do this weekend? #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge

2 weeks ago

Lazy sundays are the best kinds What are you up to this lovely Sunday??? #sunday #fun . . . . . Follow @myboy3lue 📸: @froyvalencia

2 weeks ago

May of drank a little too much pooch juice @stellaartois #party in #nature with #stellaartois left right to see me again passed out 😵

2 weeks ago

Find yourself an auntie that looks at you like my auntie @aweberski does. #auntie + #park = #fun