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Breonna Taylor, like George, was murdered by the police on March 13th. The cops who did this to her still haven’t been arrested. Today she woud’ve been 27. link in bio, pls sign petition. #justiceforbreonnataylor (artist: @fourfires )

3 days ago

not all protestors are looters, not all white people are racist, but ALL white people are privileged. it all starts with white people acknowledging our privilege. our entire lives we will never know what it feels like, so we can’t assume ANYTHING. we need to LISTEN. we will never understand. if you think there isn’t a problem, you are privileged. wanting to remain ignorant and pointing blame is racist and old news. we want to fix a color war, not start one. happy to see the other cops were arrested... stay educated and talking #blacklivesmatter

5 days ago

new ways of recording songs 2020 📀

6 days ago

dear media, stop trying to change the narrative. the world wants #justiceforgeorgefloyd and the noise will continue until he receives that.

1 weeks ago

dear iconiks, no new video today but here’s some pics of my day 🌺🌈 in the mean time, ask your friends if they’re ok and try to get outside bc vitamin d helps. I love you.

2 weeks ago

I could sit here and write a beautiful post, or I could show my anger, sadness, confusion, frustration, and ambition and urge you ALL to PLEASE sign these petitions, do what you can, ask your friends or people you know ways you can help (mine have sent me numerous links )and get involved in this. George Floyd needs justice and we will give that to him. get angry, get going. petitions, threads, and ways to help on my twitter ( @ nikidemar ) & link in bio to one petition of many!

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hello darling 🌷🧼🎞

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quaran-beach 🧃🌾☂️

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trying hard trying not to look like I’m trying ⛽️😁

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download the iconik filter 🍊🦋🧡

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🧩💚🪀 new video link in bio 🦠🧪🔫

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feeling a bit discouraged today. I went into filming NG take bahamas with the most open mind and the intention of putting it all out there and really bringing that wall down between me and you. every season there’s always the ones in between takes saying “do I look bad?” and those are the ones evidently praised by highly censoring themselves strategically. we all see the cameras- we just have the option to choose what we do with it, and that’s FINE, but to me, theres no point in the censoring if no ones gaining anything from it. my goal with my videos and music is to bring me to your level, bring down the wall, connect, and have no shame in KNOWING I’m not perfect and SHOW that I have a ton of growth to achieve, mentally. I don’t sign up for a reality show to gain clout or be a kardashian (lol ) no point there. I do it to humanize, and give you a peak into my “perfect” life that isn’t so perfect bc of my brain sometimes.

3 weeks ago

download our new album- damage control 💿 (ft. our new single TOXIC )

3 weeks ago

street lights are they talking? telling me I’m holdin onto nothing

3 weeks ago

man they really weren’t kidding when they said 25 was when you truly stop living for others and start doin it for yourself ❤️

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swipe right you won’t regret it 💛

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makin my dream apartment 🧡🍇🍷 (major video coming / in the works )

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hello there 🦋🐛🐞

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bored in the house, but make it spring 💐

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alone in my car

4 weeks ago

if celebrities can cook half naked in their kitchen, so can i 🌱🍵➡️ #quarantine

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lost USPS package, late video this week, at-home manicure fail & longing for adventure and experiences... 🌧 how are you guys hangin in there, really?

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25 🌈✨💕 pls swipe right LMAO

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who the f*ck drinks hot coffee in the Bahamas