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1/20/2018 Rip Papi 👼🏼 | T.A.N 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ | The Shore📍 | 26 ✨ | Pura Puertorriqueña 🇵🇷 | ⬇️ SUBSCRIBE to LAUGH with Me 😄

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Y’all said yes, so here you goooo 🤓 THIS IS HOW I DO MYYYY EYEBROWS. everyone does everything differently. • lol, this is the fastest I’ve ever done my eyebrows and I’m not talking about the speeding up 😂 I was also on FT, im not talking to myself (although I do at times 😂🤫 ) • - This is a little upload while I do something to my shein haul I’ve been putting off, to be able to upload it to IGTV. (15 minutes max...mine is 25 🙄 ) Enjoy! Hehe, I think it’s kinda satisfying 🤤 • • • BTW. I do my own eyebrows. I do not get them waxed anymore. I stopped for a while, then started again last year & then stopped again last year. 😂 SONG: EVERYTHING I WANTED (INSTRUMENTAL ) - BILLIE EILISH

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DONT MIND THE CURTAINS LOL I have them in a pattern across my windows 🤣 I know people on social media are super judgey about rooms and sh!t. Mind your business. At least I got curtains, lick a$$. Posting cause y’all wanted to see Lol my actual shein haul is STIIIILLLLLL under construction. 🤓 I took an hour and a half to edit & save this right here...I use my iPhone. Props to youtubers cause nah. Sis needs a MacBook ASAP. if you’re interested in any of the items in this video, shoot me a dm & I’ll send you a screenshot of the item name. ALL ITEMS PURCHASED FROM @sheinofficial ✨ Affordable & good quality! DOWNLOAD THE APP & start shopping! What else is there to do during quarantine? 🤓 PS - I need a code with shein at this point lol. #igtv #shein #sheinofficial #sheinhaul #minihaul #haul #instagramtv

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Can outside open already....I need a happy hour with my friends 🥺

last month

This is from April 3rd..but whatever.

last month

Yeah, I posted two days in a row. Annnnd? Yo hago lo que me de la gana. • • • • LASHES: @youngjefa SKINCARE: @a_natural_journee

Mar 2020

Only cause I haven’t posted a selfie all 2020...on my actual profile (not my story ).

Jan 2020

January 20, 2018 was the day that I felt true heartbreak..true emptiness. As we grow older, we know that our parents are soon going to leave us. You may think you’re prepared, but when it happens...you’re not. I remember walking around the hospital saying “I know papi’s gunna make it. He’s a soldier, he’s gone through this before- he’s gunna get out of that bed and come home.” I was convinced...& I was wrong. Two years ago, you passed away. We saw your last heartbeat..your blood pressure rocket down..your last breath..we saw it all in front of our eyes. Just 12 hours before, we were talking to you- you knew we were. You nodded your head in response, you had tears running down your face- as I’m typing this, it replays in my head as tears run down MY face. Everything from the time I helped you in the car to the second you passed away REPLAYS in my head. Sitting in front of your hospital bed, just waiting for a miracle- praying for a miracle...My heart HURTS. I AM EMPTY. I miss your voice, your presence. You visit & I hope it’s real..I hope you’re really here still- but you’re not. When you looked at me and said you think you’re going to die, i immediately cried..but still thought otherwise. I always thought about the best outcome but that’s cause I was in denial. I didnt want you to leave us. You went through so much; even brain surgery & you survived that. I knew you were a troop...but even they have their limit. I just didnt think it would really happen. For some super odd reason I thought you’d pass away after me..which doesn’t even make sense. I didnt think you’d leave us. None of it makes sense to me. . Cause all I ask is WHY. WHY?! Why so soon? Why before Jason or I had kids? Why before I was able to accomplish my life goals & you be proud of me? Why before you were able to move to Puerto Rico to YOUR house & enjoy it? Just WHY. I walk into the facility that you passed away in, almost every day & in two years, I have not stepped foot on to the floor it occurred. We hoped and prayed for the best....and some literally prepared for the worst-!while the others still had the faith in them that you would return home. The pain that mami, Jason & I have endured

Dec 2019


Dec 2019

Hello 26. 🥂 tell me happy birthday lol.

Sep 2019

That hair bump bothers tf outta me. but hi 😽

Aug 2019

This is from May...lol. Maybe April. Who knows.

Aug 2019

Second birthday that you’re not here. And lord knows I’m fighting back these tears so my eyelashes dont all fall off for this weekend. 😂 I keep myself smiling & laughing to distract myself from the fact that you’re not here. Literally every day since you’ve been gone. I say the same things in every post about you; but it’s cause nothing changes. It still sucks without you here; I’m mad, confused, hurt, empty...everything I’ve felt for the past year & a half hasn’t gone away. “It gets easier” no...it doesn’t. You just learn to deal with the person not being there anymore. Loss can take someone 3 weeks or 7 years to deal with- me on the other hand....lol lord knows how long this will take for me to accept. I’ve just recently been able to spit out the words that you’ve passed away. I know it happened..I know you’re not here in the flesh. But I promise you, you’re everywhere I go cause you’ll forever be in my heart 👼🏼✨ I love you, I miss you & like I always say..I’ll always be your little girl 💕🙏🏼 happy birthday papi, hope you visit me soon 😌

Jul 2019

Cuando sale el sol, Nivea tiene alcohol. 🍹

Jun 2019

Hi papi, it’s Father’s Day today. My heart aches with you not being here. Still confused, still empty...still angry & still feels like you’re just on a long vacation. Wish I could say you were or that this was all a dream but I know it’s not & it hurts to know that this is actually real life. This has to become a “new normal” & I dont like it. I miss you. like, I want you here. I wanna make more memories, I want you to see Jason & I have kids, I want to hear you on the phone, I wanna see your face; NOT in pictures. I can’t even visit you. I can’t bring you flowers. I can’t bring you balloons. I dont know where you are & I think that makes all this hurt even more. You were completely taken from us. But you know what, you still remain in our hearts and I know you guide & guard us every second of every day, awake or asleep- you’re with us. I loved you before, I love you now & I will always continue to love you & be your little girl. Happy Father’s Day My Angel 👼🏼💘

May 2019

Papi in his natural habitat: PUERTO RICO. 😂 it’s crazy how I was just thinking about you a few days ago & saying how you haven’t visited me & you visited me last night. It felt so real, as any other time, just for me to wake up and get hit in the face with reality. It honestly sucks without you here. I hear a truck pulling up close to the house & a side of me always hopes it’s you, even though I know it’s not. I look at Mami and still see the sadness & pain in her eyes. We bump heads left & right & I know it’s because we’re still hurting and don’t know how to go about it. as I’ve said before, it literally still feels unreal & like a dream. Why does my real life feel like that & then my dreams feel real...? I have questions that wont ever be answered. Feelings that I cant explain. an emptiness. I’m still confused. I’m still lost. But when you visit me, I feel like it’s you telling me “Nivea, get your head back in the game,” because that’s how you raised me & always saw me. It’s a little fire under my butt to get myself together like you know I’m capable of and to better myself. It’s a process right now that isn’t easy & isn’t gunna happen overnight but I have to tell myself to keep going. Keep thinking of ways to better myself. & when I think of them, I have to DO them- not procrastinate. All of this is easier said than done but I promise I won’t let you down. I will amount to what you always wanted me to be. I love you & as per every post about you...I’ll ALWAYS be your little girl 🥺💞 keep watching over us papi 👼🏼

Apr 2019

I suck at captions tbh. I mean, my lashes look pretty damn good still for it to almost be three weeks.

Apr 2019

I have a habit of raising one eyebrow & lowering the other one so therefore, one eye is smaller than the other. 🙂

Apr 2019

HI PAPI! 😬 You haven’t visited me in a while. You’ve been on my mind super heavy lately & maybe that’s why. I may not show it, but I still feel lost & confused. what I show is my anger in the comfort of our home & I wanna change that..I’m trying to change that. I try to see the positive things in any and everything. I try to be the Nivea I was before but it just doesn’t feel right to be smiling and laughing, knowing you’re really not here & not coming back. But I know that’s what you want; for me to keep smiling, laughing, doing what I was doing when you were here. You’ll always be in my heart but I want you HERE. I wanna see your face, hear you laughing, hear you walking through the front door, hear you whistling at 6am and I wanna annoy you lol. I have to keep a smile on my face and maybe some day soon, I’ll actually mean the smile. I love you papi, visit me. & like I always say...I’ll always be your little girl; even when I’m 60 years old. 🥺💕

Mar 2019

YEAUP..I walked around the club with my big head & my Tremaine tote. YEAUP I still get excited to see @treysongz . NOPE it won’t ever change. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ #mistereast #treysongz #tremaine #triggagear #trigga #rosellenj #mistereastlife

Mar 2019

So it was Trey Day yesterday. You know what that means..Reunited with my babies- @cee .r.jay & @poisoneye_vory ❤️ #treysongz #chichi #trey #tremaine #mistereast #rosellenj

Feb 2019

HONAY. @djspazo played the wild thoughts remix with @treysongz .. lawd. My night was quickly made. 💃🏻 #firenice #firenicelounge #nj #treysongz #trey #tremaine #wildthoughts #wildthoughtsremix

Jan 2019

There was absolutely no way I could’ve posted this on Sunday without having a bowl of tears in front of me lol. A year ago on Sunday was when God decided it was your time. I can’t believe it’s only been a year but it feels like ten to us. It doesn’t get easier without you here like people try to say..I get told it’s just something you get used to as well. I don’t know how one can do so though. I’ll figure it out eventually. It’s weird cause I feel like I don’t know what to write but yet I have so much bottled up inside that I’m confused as to why I can’t type it all out. From the second I called out of work to take you to the ER to the second I stepped out of the car and it hit me that you were no longer gunna be with us. The frigid wind not even hitting my face but going through my body cause I just felt sooo empty, as I sat on the backyard steps with Jason & one of my best friends. What did you hear us say last to you? What did you lastly see? Could you feel us all in the room with you? I remember days before, you were good! You were talking, sitting up, eating, laughing, joking. Then hours before the call to go to the hospital, you were still reacting to everyone entering the room. You would try to mumble, you would move your eyes, your head..I remember a tear falling down your cheek. I remember saying to myself “god send me a miracle”...but instead he sent me a guardian angel. 👼🏼 (im stopping right here cause nah 🙅🏻‍♀️ I don’t wanna cry lol ) I love you papi. And damn do I miss you. I’ll always be your little girl. 💕

Jan 2019

First page post of 2019. My screen is shattered with cracks in my camera. This will have to do 🤷🏻‍♀️ #mentalbreakdownbangs 🙂