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Setlist: final gig before lockdown with #hamishkilgour & the Love Controllers. . “Encore - if there is” “If Mark turns up” 😂 . Everybody turned up ❤️ @hamishrobertkilgour @mick_harvey9 @rinsedream @markybagels @katamiss @merricreektavern Quogan on keys @marymihelakos Miss this. Photo by Harry Williams, who also recorded and filmed the show 🙏 #merricreektavern #livemusicmelbourne #theclean #setlist #whatisarehearsal #mirothemysterytrumpetplayer

2 days ago

A year ago for @the_lady_dont_mind 😘

3 days ago

At 2am this morning, I received an aggressive knock at the door. I was asleep, got up and through the door requested to know the identity of my “visitors”. The police. Looking for a woman reported missing, whose last known address was my house. I had never heard of her, nor received her mail and knew for a fact that the previous tenants were my next door neighbours (they brought me donuts when I moved in ❤️ ). I suggested the police try their house, but they requested my ID and said “Oh we won’t bother them at this time of the night”. Gave me flashbacks to being assaulted (unprovoked ) and robbed in the CBD a year ago in front of multiple witnesses, coming to on the street transported to St Vincent’s with major concussion and nothing but an incident card and a suggestion to “make an appointment” to speak with an officer later in the week. I don’t know the point I am trying to make. I know the cops have a tough job at the best of times, but last night was scary and weird, especially for someone who lives alone with my anxiety and PTSD. Lucky I had a phone appointment with my mental health practitioner today and received two beautiful Scott Benedictine face masks from @w .s.hrrsn_ @scttbndctn today - perfect for those times I can actually leave the house. Stay safe and check on your friends. I hope the missing woman is found x

5 days ago

More Berlin - 2011 ~ inspired by people I love and 9 years since I first explored this amazing city. Currently in my room watching brave health workers doing routine checks and missing the freedom of this place. #kreuzberg #bicycle #mediumformat #berlin

5 days ago

Jess in Berlin, 2011 #polaroid #berlin #clubmate

6 days ago

“True love will find you in the end”. ..~Roky Erickson . I’m sorry to all the people hurting right now. I’m even sorry for trusting people who couldn’t comprehend my actions or pain at the time, but I forgive them if they can forgive me. I’m grateful every time I get cuddles like this and it sickens me when something else like my last photo happens to someone else. . I can’t take another heartbreak, so please go easy on me for a while. These are old photos and I will not name names.

2 weeks ago

🛁 Take a bath. Fall in love. Reconnect with family and friends. Learn a new language. Read a book. Charge your phone twice a day. ❤️

2 weeks ago

Sort your shit out, Victoria. FFS. Reading too many stories about people without masks and breaking laws. ⚡️ c/o @suziqpdhol

2 weeks ago

Sorry, #kurtvonnegut ~ calling bullshit on this one. #coincidencedoesnotexist

2 weeks ago

Is eating sand a family trait? 😂. Love my little Ziggy-May.....We have the army patrolling the streets of Melbourne, but she’s my free spirit 🧡🧡🧡 @mattymccann894 @baylee_may_west

2 weeks ago

Warracknabeal “comfort station” for @the_lady_dont_mind 💜💛🤍

2 weeks ago

Day one/Stage four . On a Sunday morning sidewalk I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned 'Cause there's something in a Sunday That makes a body feel alone And there's nothing short a' dying That's half as lonesome as the sound Of the sleeping city sidewalk And Sunday morning coming down . In the park I saw a daddy With a laughing little girl that he was swinging And I stopped beside a Sunday school And listened to the songs they were singing Then I headed down the street And somewhere far away a lonely bell was ringing And it echoed through the canyons Like the disappearing dreams of yesterday . On a Sunday morning sidewalk I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned 'Cause there's something in a Sunday That makes a body feel alone And there's nothing short a' dying That's half as lonesome as the sound Of the sleeping city sidewalk And Sunday morning coming down ~Johnny Cash (via KK ) . Don’t forget about life. Don’t give up on anyone. Stay safe and do the right thing for everyone 💜 #sundaymorningcomingdown #lockdown #johnnycash #merida #mexico #melbourne

2 weeks ago

“Without music, life would be a mistake”. ~Friedrich Nietzsche. #hamishkilgour

2 weeks ago

Polly and Venus #maremma

3 weeks ago

Challenge accepted @katamiss #womensupportingwomen

3 weeks ago

Conway Savage . 27-07-1960 ~ 02-09-2018 . The dapper gentleman crossed with Peter Pan. Love to all who think of him today. . #conwaysavage #badseeds 🔮

3 weeks ago

“Waiting for Hamish Kilgour” @thecurtin pre-lockdown 📷 @ellery_m_t #hamishkilgour #theclean #flyingnun @flyingnun @badabingrecords 🔮

4 weeks ago

SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES like @vovo_thelabel @phoebetaylorofficialfartpage #smallbusinessmelbourne

4 weeks ago

Little August - it’s almost your month! Looking good, sweet thing x Your mum has always been a stylish babe, but seeing as you’re going to grow up to be a cowboy like your Auntie Jess makes me smile from ear to ear. I miss you guys so much 😘 @devonelisee @kurt_lash

4 weeks ago

From 11:59 pm Wednesday, face masks are compulsory in Melbourne . My 🎭 by @vovo_thelabel . Washable in cold water and best design for changing filters. . Thanks @phoebetaylorofficialfartpage for super sweet delivery and awesome fabrics 💥 #vovothelabel #facemask #staysafe #maskuporstayhome

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”erodes the line between being and place becomes ~ the place of being time and so the house turns in the snow is why a ghost always ~ has the architecture of a storm The architect tore down room after room until ~the sound stopped. A ghost is one among the ages at the edge of a cliff empty sails ~on the bay even when a ship or the house moves off in fog asks you out loud to ~let the stranger in” . “The Ghost” ~ Cole Swenson 1955 . Abandoned mansion, St Kilda East 2008 . . #lubitel166 #mediumformat #mediumformatfilm #abandonedplaces

5 weeks ago

Debatable in my case @suziqpdhol 🎹 #accordion #devilsinstrument

last month

Pania of the Reef. Miss you, New Zealand 💔

last month

Happy 38th to my little bro. Hope you get spoilt by your girls. Love Jess ❤️ #puttputt