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20 / duhram uni student at uclan ✨: @oitspriv

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4 days ago

🦋: )

6 days ago

as if these were a year ago ... i could swear i was like 17 here lol, lil babies :( also big up the hq x

2 weeks ago

i’ll wait for u to open ur eyes next time 💙

3 weeks ago

i love clothes sm i need more

4 weeks ago

put this outfit on for the pic i can’t lie x

last month

love catchin flys me x

last month

ain’t seen my big sis since last year imy🤷🏻‍♀️

last month

this is a v random post but i wanted to talk about this bc i can and i should. ✨pls read!!!✨ this is my brother John, he’s 28 and has Autism and Sotos syndrome. a lot of people will probably recognise him from where i’m from back home (locally ) as he got a lot of inappropriate and abusive attention, both mentally and physically from people who went to the same schools as me and generally just saw him out and about. when John was born 03/01/1992, he wasn’t suppose to make it... surprise he made it, but then the hospital said he was never going to walk or talk and was not going to make it past his teen years... another surprise, he made it, and he can walk and talk following with speech difficulties. his capacity is equivalent to a 5 year old, so he has low understanding of words, sentences and other things within education, as well difficulty with his short term memory. as well as these difficulties he also deals with many other things he can’t help or control. swiping through these posts you will see and make your own judgements. my brother loves his family. he is such a harmless and funny person. he loves learning and working. he also loves football and his friends. he loves music, singing, rapping, writing stories, cars, the simpsons, family guy, adam sandler, and loves a good pint. John has grown up in a family of girls, god bless him. Mam and 3 sisters. as a family we have struggled throughout our lives in more ways than anyone could even imagine, believe me on that. (not speaking on behalf of my mam or sisters ) myself as a kid who got bullied through my whole school life was uneducated on my brother and was very reluctant on talking to people about him. he would wait at my school gates and pick me up after school to walk me home and i would shout at him because people would follow us home and say horrible things to me in class. he would think they are his “friends” and i would tell him that they arent. he always says “is it because i’m different?”. people at school would always ask “is your brother John” and i would feel somewhat embarrassed. ✨continued in comments, please read !!!✨

last month

i’m 21 soon wtf

last month

miss being on me holibobs n seeing me grandad getting all excited about the cows ehe

last month

we’re going out once this is all over ok🥺 also why does it look like security is escorting us out in the vidahahahahah

Mar 2020

tb to january when my hair was short n wasn’t going through its growing out ‘awkward stage’ n i actually got ready n went out :(

Mar 2020

no purpose tbh but it’s cute🥺👉🏼👈🏼

Mar 2020

look about 12 w me little elf ears out 😰

Mar 2020

nice early hike at the peak district 🐥

Mar 2020

went to london to see some potter props n some fake dino bones w my love x

Feb 2020

lovely jubbly like, absolute favourite @sam_fender x

Feb 2020


Feb 2020

luv a good mirror piccy 🤷🏻‍♀️

Feb 2020

bday boy🥳🥳 i love you

Jan 2020

eeeek y does it look like i only shop in urban

Jan 2020

hiiie 🤍

Dec 2019


Dec 2019

missed me lil chickens🥺💗🥺💗 (also pls don’t think am sad as out n blurred the background. me sister has the iphone that does it lol )