Ram Kumar @that_airplane_guy

6 days ago

Is flying safe during a pandemic? Absolutely, if you wear your masks properly (while not eating or drinking ) and maintain high levels of self hygiene at all times. Check out my Trip Report of Vistara in the highlights section. This is based on my couple of flights I took last month amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Loved the every bit of the journey and most importantly I felt safe throughout. The hospitality on board was limited due to the current climate, but still Vistara managed to deliver a great service. Catering was the surprise element and @tajsats nailed it. 🍽 Filming onboard wasn’t an issue due to the reversal of rules by DGCA permitting it, the cabin crew were so professional and accommodating of my filming request. But it was the opposite on the ground when the airport manager and a ground staff at Delhi airport (“jokingly” or unprofessionally ) threatened to offload me on the Delhi to London flight while boarding. Pretty odd since, @vistara and @delhiairport are known to be camera friendly and embrace customer feedback on social media. I am happy to see India’s premium airline growing rapidly and serving London using their state of the art 787 Dreamliners. It goes from 4x weekly to daily starting 1st December 2020. I would highly recommend flying Vistara over British Airways or Air India between India and the U.K. #vistara #flyingfeelssafeagain #flyingin321 #airbus321 #dreamliners #painefield #london #delhi #blm #marketing #businessclassflyer #flightreview #samchui #pandemic #boeing #embraer #britishairways #airbubble #lockdown #planespotting #tripreport #flying #unitedairlines @wheelersolomon @thesanjivkapoor @amit .agarwal.august @vistara @heathrow_airport @av1ation @maa_aviationpictures @vomm_aviationpictures




Glad you had a good time. Somwtimes airport employees get weird and make up their own rules. Sigh. Glad you scored the upgrade.

5 days ago