Bobby Mercer @bobby_mercerjr

last month

"The Pritzker administration filed the temporary emergency rule, which is valid for up to 150 days, on Friday and it went into effect immediately. The rule will be reviewed by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules on Wednesday. In order to block it the committee would need 8 out of its 12 members to vote against it." Filed under Title 77 Part 690, if we put anything on social media that goes against the state regarding the pandemic we could be fined, or see jail time up to one year. "Additionally, the rule under 20 ILCS 2305/2(k ) states: “Any person who knowingly or maliciously disseminates any false information or report concerning the existence of any dangerously contagious or infectious disease in connection with the Department’s power of quarantine, isolation or closure order is guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor”. Class A Misdemeanor 364 days in jail $2,500 00 fine Plus fees & costs