Brita Jennissen @britajennissen

5 days ago

Back to school, in one form or another, and with that, it's time to figure out what's for lunch! It's so important to have lunch planned for your kiddos so you can make sure they're eating healthy and getting the nutrients they need. In my nutritional programs I have access to, and would share with you if you joined my team, there are so many resources, recipes, and meal planning tips. Specifically, there's 75 healthy lunch ideas for kids in just one of my resources. I love learning about nutrition and am continually learning more about how to improve mine and my families and would love to help you too! #Nutrition #Kid 'sMeals #HealthyEating #CleanEating #CookingForKids #SchoolLunches #MealPrep #MealPlanning #GrowthMindset