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2 weeks ago

NOW LIVE: The GDP Director’s Cut: @seanpeloso ’s Golden Hour 🦌. Hey all you cool deer and fawns! It’s GDP producers @rileyvilliers and @_leximatthews_ here with another banger of an episode for ya. And where are we shining the spotlight this week? Right onto Sean Peloso, the head of lighting on the GDP film. Sean told us all about how he got into film, the previous projects he’s worked on and even what his first impressions of Conor were. Woah. To hear more from Sean about all the juicy behind the scenes secrets, check out the full episode at the link in our bio. ———— Listen to “The Golden Hours Podcast” on any of ya favorite podcast apps (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud ); and subscribe fammo. ———— Beat: @kieranbeats ———— Produced By: @sarah_olender , @rileyvilliers , @jack .bigelow, @_leximatthews_ 🦌 ———— #bostonpodcast #goldendeerproductions #film #zombieapocalypse #seanpeloso #filmmaking #lighting #entrepreneur #movie