Angie Ruiz @angiee_ziur

Jan 2020

To the most amazing role models and grandparents a girl could ever ask for.I am the blessed one that gets to have you for a lifetime.You don’t truly realize how much the people you surround yourself with affect the person you are and who you become.I am privileged and honored to be like these two and have learned so much from them.From making empanadas to knowing how to unclog sprinklers they have really taught me it all.Most importantly they taught me about my precious Jesus Christ and his love and mercy.Since I was in the womb they had already started loving me.I never knew that people could give unconditional love but these two have given it ,and abundantly. Growing up I spent most of my time with them since my parents were always working.From a baby, to my now adulthood my grandparents have always been a huge part of my life.They would always pick me up everyday from school and we would eat dinner together and have family time.Well now that I work a full time job and I can drive they don’t have to pick me up anymore ,but I still make it to those family dinners every day.I cherish the time I get to spend with them because I know as I get older they do too.I encourage you to spend time with those who love you the most.Time is precious.It cannot be bought it can only be filled with love and great memories.