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Oct 2019

This is my beautiful little sister Florence.. I love her with all my heart... Before she came in my life I was empty... And when she did come in my life I was filled... Filled with laughter, memories, and I was filled with love... Yes I love my family... But I lover her more... I think it's a big sister thing... And I can't wait for her to be grown so I can see the kind of person she WILL become... I love you Florence.. And I will never stop... But just plz stop barging in my room while I'm sleeping😂😂

Apr 2019

@sxrahh ._1 ..... Is the most funniest person I have ever met... She knows I got her back.. And I know she got my back... I know if I would lose her as a friend I would cry forever... She's one of the good things in my life ☺🤞