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17 hours ago

When all is said and done this encapsulates friendship. Layers of life revealed and open hearts.


Different type of visit today having a peek inside my friends English countryside cottage.


Friend sleepover. My friend Sophie and I have had sleepovers for over 45 years. Since we were teenagers with dreams of our futures. Our journeys took us down different paths with many years of little contact. But funny how we have maintained similar interests and core values making for me time with her meaningful, funny & comforting. In some ways as though time has stood still. ( just wish she would give me this eiderdown ).

2 days ago

Follow how my heart rules my head.

2 days ago

🙏💕 @lilyashwell ✥ New Moon in Gemini ✥ 5/22 | Gemini is the butterfly of The Zodiac – light, curious, free and energetic. Nothing says a fresh start like a New Moon in Gemini. It’s an invitation to look upon the future with the open mind of a child. It’s insatiably curious, busy and social - a far cry from how we’ve been living in recent months – and it’s coming in now to prompt the gentle stirrings of “life”.⁣ ⁣ Because Gemini never stops moving, its shadow can be anxious, restless and inconsistent – its mind moves quickly. With so many interests and ideas, it struggles with focus and presence. So, we’re given the wise grandfather “training wheels” of Saturn, who reminds us to take it slow and connect with each forward step. To remain grounded and pragmatic, amid the excitement of new possibilities.⁣ ⁣ Our newly retrograde Venus is also a major player here, as she retreats into Gemini until late June.  Venus rules how we give and receive love, what we value, where we find beauty, where we find pleasure.  And for the next six weeks, until she stations direct ‪on June 25th‬, we’re asked to go inward and ask those very questions.  It’s not a time to take action within her realm, but a time to deeply consider all things Venus.  This reflective state is echoed by Mercury, who represents our active mind and ability to think.  Now is a beautiful time to sink into thought about all things Venus – our internal lines of communication are exceptionally clear, with enhanced intuition and mental sharpness. ⁣ ⁣ Lastly, Venus and Mercury are in a tense conversation with Neptune, who rules beautiful wonders like dreams and imagination, but can also lead us into fantasy and illusion.  This is more the reason not to take action right now, but to instead take “doses” of Neptune – see where you go under its dreamy influence and then step back, regain sobriety, and analyze it from the perspective of your newly clarified “desires of Venus”. Is Neptune making your life beautiful or leading you astray?⁣ ⁣ The cosmos are working to connect us with our deepest desires, so we can build a bountiful, pleasure-filled, meaningful life as we slowly press the “on” switch…Image Adam Fuss

6 days ago

Even he’s getting his days muddled. Usually I see him resting on Sunday’s. Today is Monday. As some of the world remains on lockdown I’ve started to think maybe it doesn’t matter what day it is. Priorities remain the same everyday. Health, love, safety, gratitude, acceptance laughter & peace.

1 weeks ago

The rollercoaster continues.

2 weeks ago

The ups and downs of this journey.

2 weeks ago

Shabby Strong. I bought these tulips home a week ago thinking the petals would fall away in just a day or two. But 7 days later they are holding on gracefully and proud. Each stem supporting each other. I underestimated their strength and beauty remains for another day. ( Poetic Portraits by @jorunnmulen shabbychic.com )

3 weeks ago

After regret comes The Happy House.

3 weeks ago

Illustrated & said beautifully by @benpeckwhiston Happy VE-Day “Lest we forget” and Thank you to all our past and present heroes...

3 weeks ago

My story of my favorite house in the whole wide world. Woops its Thursday not Wednesday!!

3 weeks ago

The art of flower plopping. #shabbychic #flowers

3 weeks ago

Colours and vases. #shabbychic #flowers

3 weeks ago

End of day flower plopping. Ready for tomorrow IGTV.

3 weeks ago

Sheep shearing day. Nearly asked the sheep shearer to tackle my hair.

3 weeks ago

My local flower farmer. Humble, hard-worker, grateful and creating so much beauty. A pleasure to know. ( & I asked him to ask his mama for his sweater pattern ! ). @stuarttheflowerman .IGTV Flower Plopping visit Wednesday.

3 weeks ago

Happy birthday Jake. Ever since a little boy you have had a wise way of looking at life. You don’t waste your words on small talk but when you have something to say your words are meaningful and spoken from your heart. Even if you weren’t my son I would like you as a person. But thankfully you are my son and I love you with all my heart. Love mum. Xx

3 weeks ago

This is just a one of many breathtaking parts of christina_strutt heavenly home. Both inside and out, her home is a complete reflection of the beauty of her heart & soul. Every little moment has meaning, value & love. Just like time spent with her. @cabbages_and_roses

3 weeks ago

Just because something isn’t real it doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. In fact the fantasy of something real, lasts forever. These are from my collection of gathering faux flowers. Similar Forever Flowers Shabbychic.com.

3 weeks ago

Even in these days there is something about Sunday that gives a moment for pause ( if we are so lucky ). As i popped outside even the horse who is usually on his feet was taking a moment. Peace to all today.

4 weeks ago

Things I think about to sustain my business. #shabbychic

4 weeks ago

Many shades of white. From house to house, with many colors to choose from I rarely stray from white slipcovers. They have seen me though children’s sticky fingers, puppies & parties. All comes out in the wash except for the precious memories held in my forever to keep sofas. ( Squishy sofa & Buddha painting shabbychic.com. Photo from Shabby Chic Interiors book, 📷 @amyneunsinger ).

4 weeks ago

Story behind my E! Tv show & some wholesale.