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I can totally bench like 175.

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To my fellow White people (a letter )

2 days ago

These books were recommended to me. I’m making a commitment to reading them. This is a very small beginning in a much needed education - but you gotta start somewhere!

5 days ago

Some ACTIONS we can take to address racism #Repost @soulpancake . ・・・ joy is powerful, but what is it without the acknowledgment of justice? hi, i’m alex, i make “small joys” every week as both a personal practice + because i love sharing with you. but at this time, as a white person, to be silent is to be complicit. and to be complicit fuels white supremacy + anti-blackness. we must make it our daily work to be anti-racist, to become aware of our unconscious biases, to actively unlearn + to dismantle the oppressive systems in place. white supremacy, racism in any form + anti-blackness begins and ends with white people. full stop. this is not easy work + we must get comfortable getting uncomfortable. there is no quick fix and no one else can do this work bringing forth systemic change. we must have these difficult conversations with others + ourselves regularly + frequently. and we must begin now. here are some actions we can take. small actions by // @alexandrasnaps

6 days ago

6 days ago

Back inThe day Chris Cullen & I really really cared about our hair and how it was feathered. Now I have a lot less hair and haven’t brushed it in years. Also I miss the terry-cloth! #CenterPart #Hair #TerryCloth #TbT #1982

1 weeks ago

I’m talking about mental health today at 3pm pacific with @namicommunicate

2 weeks ago

I’m horrified and heartbroken about #GeorgeFloyd . When are we as a nation going to TRULY address the issues of race and institutional anti-blackness that are tearing this country apart? My heart goes out to every last one of us.

2 weeks ago

Had a BLAST with Lide Live on Saturday! @LideHaiti Shared the magic of what our amazing team does. Thanks to all who joined us! Mesi Anpil! Check out This lovely recap video.

2 weeks ago

A great week of “Hey There Human!” - today, @johnkrasinski ! Noon pacific @soulpancake instagram LIVE! #HeyThereHuman

2 weeks ago

@holidayreinhorn #repost @rainnwilson great conversation” with @mamabeardarespodcast and @holidayreinhorn ! ・・・ We are thrilled to announce that we are bringing the @lidehaiti experience to your home in an online experience we are calling LIDE LIVE, this Saturday May 23 at 10AM PT. Learn about the programs and tools we teach our participants, that you can use in your own life to help in these uncertain times. Much love. Hope to see you there. Click the link in bio to register!

2 weeks ago

Starting tomorrow a few of my friends and I will join @ONE to #passthemic to the real stars: experts on #COVID19 . Because in order to beat this virus anywhere we have to beat it everywhere. #oneworld . ONE global response. Tune in to #passthemic and demand action at ONE.org

3 weeks ago

#Repost @lidehaiti Hey Everybody! We are thrilled to announce that the experience of the LIDÈ program is going “Virtually” Worldwide—this Saturday 5/23 on YouTube LIVE [link to Rsvp in bio]! ———-❤️Join Co-Founders Rainn, Holiday, Kathryn and the LIDÈ Haiti Team online in a global experience which will digitally deliver our programs of resiliency, community building through the arts, healing and hope directly into your own living room! As a member of our enduring support team you have given so generously to LIDÈ over the past six years and this is our opportunity to give back to you!  We have always believed that these coping tools—that have helped us weather hurricanes, earthquakes, and civil unrest—could be replicated widely, not only limited to populations in rural Haiti, but for people in communities everywhere! So come visit us at LIDÈ LIVE, meet our team and share the joy for fun and for free! Hope to see you there !!💚🖤💙🧡💛————❤️ Program begins at 10 AM PT/1PM ET and will include: Information from LIDÈ Co-Founders Dr. Kathryn Adams, @rainnwilson and @holidayreinhorn ❤️Yoga warm up 💙Theater improv 💚Health care help and ways that LIDE is addressing COVID-19 in Haiti 🧡Photography 🖤Meditation and writing. ——See you there ! 🌺🌺🌺🌺

3 weeks ago

#Repost @soulpancake Hey There, @billieeilish aka William Eyelash 👋 See you at 12 PM PST on #HeyThereHuman with @rainnwilson ! This is everything i wanted...

3 weeks ago

Decided to try out this whole “yoga” thing.

3 weeks ago

Portrait of a zonkey family. @holidayreinhorn

3 weeks ago

So a friend of mine who teaches at UCLA did a workshop on “difficult emotions” as part of a campus-wide psychological training and the mnemonic they used was MY NAME!!! Have no idea why. But I found it quite funny and kind of cool. Definitely fed my narcissism. And, when I really look at it, the message at the center of thing is pretty effin’ cool. So, dearest Instagram readers, when faced with a difficult or over-whelming emotion, remember: What would R.A.I.N.N. do?

3 weeks ago

Great lineup this week for #HEYTHEREHUMAN on @Soulpancake instagram live! Every weekday at noon! This week @ParisaFitzHenley and @NickOfferman PLUS a special mystery guest on Monday. Also global education superstar Sal Kahn of @KahnAcademy and from the FRONT LINES, Dr Lindsay Lief! PLUS PLUS interviews with random human beings randomly plucked from the depths of the internet!

4 weeks ago

I’ll be back as host of #HeyThereHuman every week day at Noon pacific! @SoulPancake Instagram LIVE - + I will interview RANDOM HUMAN BEINGS PLUCKED FROM THE INTERNET! @soulpancake #heytherehuman

4 weeks ago

Going for a run today of 2.23 miles to honor and support the memory of Ahmaud Arbery. #IRunWithMaud BUT, these kind of armchair/social media responses are not enough. We have to do something about the outrageous and heartbreaking shootings of unarmed black men in our “free” country. #HashTagsAreNotEnough I will be making a donation to the Georgia branch of the ACLU ( @ACLUofGA ) because that’s all I can think of to do right now. If you want to see the face of terrorism in the United States right now, just look at the faces of the men who did this horrific, cowardly act. And why did it take Georgia over 2 months to do anything about this crime?! White guy jogging gets gunned down in the middle of the street ON VIDEO TAPE the entire city would have been on lock-down and arrests made within minutes.

4 weeks ago

#Can ’t wait, Rhett! Rock hard! Repost @rhettmiller ・・・ In honor of @rainnwilson creating the setlist for my show tomorrow night (Friday at 9 ET/6 PT on @stageit ), here is a clip of the video that killed my nascent acting career.

4 weeks ago

Thank you for all your generous support of @LideHaiti on #GivingTuesdayNow !!! Thanks to you we raised 20k! We are matching all donations for the next week. Keep on giving!!! @HolidayReinhorn Watch BOTH vids to find out about our on-the-ground Covid-19 programs.

4 weeks ago

Watch my new DAILY show, "Hey There, Human!" on the @SoulPancake instagram LIVE - at Noon. I interview random viewers! Could be you! Every. Single. Quarantined. Day. #HeyThereHuman

4 weeks ago

Watch my new DAILY show, "Hey There, Human!" on the @SoulPancake instagram LIVE - at Noon. I interview random viewers! Could be you! Every. Single. Quarantined. Day. #HeyThereHuman