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2 weeks ago

So I was having some quality feeling myself selfie time and a bug had the audacity to buzz near my earlobe but as you can see I continued to try to take selfies because I’m dedicated to my craft 😂 what’s one bug that you’re just actively terrified of... mines moths....

3 weeks ago

So I was looking through old photos and like.... should I ombré my hair again?? Or if not what should I do with my hair because my hair has been its natural color for FAR TOO LONG

3 weeks ago

Since I can’t leave the house I decided to spend all day on my phone instead! Here’s pictures I found in my phone from when I could leave the house!! Where was the last place you traveled before the quarantine?

4 weeks ago

This quarantine has me thinking deeply on such random things.... like are you scrolling rn with your index finger or thumb... I don’t know if I’ve ever actually scrolled with my thumb??

4 weeks ago

I put on red lipstick and heels so I could look cute alone in my living room today!! When was the last time you got all dressed up? was it like 3 months ago when this quarantine started or.. 📷 @shotbyzach

4 weeks ago

If you could be quarantined with anyone, who would you be quarantined with? I’m quarantined with the duck that lives in my pool! Fortunately for me he let me borrow it to take this picture. Don’t worry were still maintaining social distance 💍 @kalaqtic 📷 @shotbyzach

5 weeks ago

Have you been staying in pajamas all day or just wearing your cutest outfits every day? I’m definitely wearing my cutest outfits now?! 💍 by @kalaqtic 📷 @shotbyzach

last month

I set an alarm just to post this and go back to sleep... how are you taking the quarantine? 💍 by @kalaqtic 📷 @shotbyzach

last month

I really never used to put on makeup every day until this quarantined started.. Have you been wearing more or less makeup every day recently? Its been helping boost my happiness lately with everything going on! 💍 by @kalaqtic 📷 @shotbyzach

last month

My life is as put together as my hair part right now, hbu?

last month

Rclbeauty101 back with a life hack: I look better in black and white. But try to guess what color lipgloss I’m wearing- good luck you’ll need it

last month

my sleep schedule is just.... just absolutely destroyed... comment what time you’ve been going to sleep- I’ll go first. 2:30 AM

last month

Is anyone else finding all these pics in their camera roll that you didn’t know existed?! ALSO SWIPE THROUGH SO SEE US ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE! Wild.

last month

Day 4,964 of quarantine and going through my camera roll! I found a fence the color of my bedroom wall!!! 5 points to whoever knows the name of the blue 📷: @shotbyzach

last month

Day one million and sixty four of quarantine. I woke up and did my makeup so that I could sit on the couch and play the sims, wbu?

last month

Day 19293 of quarantine. My photos have never been this cool.. I’ve now hit my Instagram peek.. GO FOLLOW @shotbyzach for getting such cool photos. And SCROLL TO THE END bc I put something cool there too

Mar 2020

Day 4,629 in quarantine. This selfie took me one selfie to get. This is the first time that has ever happened. I think I’m really evolving as a person

Mar 2020

Episode 6 of quarantined and going through my camera roll. @shotbyzach made my pink room look like a hip photo shoot location.

Mar 2020

Episode 4 of quarantined and going through my camera roll. With every picture I just get cuter and cuter help

Mar 2020

episode 2 of quarantined and going through my camera roll!

Mar 2020

Episode 1 of quarantined and going through my camera roll

Mar 2020

Truly only have my hair and makeup done when I don’t leave the house

Feb 2020

MY NEW SINGLE “MYSELF” IS OUT NOW! Link in my bio to listen!

Feb 2020

Have you cracked the code of what the song is about? SONG COMES OUT TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT EST. Link in bio- pre save it.