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Youtuber//Wifey//Girl Mama Jesus is King. Be Kind✨ ✉️: Sav.Soutas @gmail .com IM PREGNANT video😭🙏🏼

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2 days ago

I just LOVE these girls😭💛

3 weeks ago

Luckiest mama to have these precious girls. Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mommies out there! Thinking of all the mamas today who have lost a baby, who have tried to have a baby, or still currently trying. This day is for you & I’m thinking of you all💛💛

4 weeks ago

Baby P sitting on top of baby Z💕 Taking in this precious time with Posie girl as the baby. How is this tiny little girl gonna be a BIG sissy soon?!😍 #26Weeks

last month

There’s just nothing better than being a mommy. I love the chaos & I love being pregnant. I know, I’m weird 🤷🏼‍♀️ I would make 6 more of these cute babies if Cole would let me. I think I have a problem. I need help😅🤦🏼‍♀️ (📸: @koliniphotography )

last month

My first bump pic with my first baby boy💙 Can’t believe I’m already almost in my 7th month of pregnancy! I’ll be 25 weeks in a few days... time is FLYING by. We can’t wait to meet you sweet Z baby!😎👶🏼

last month

He is risen! This Easter was a bit different for us. We didn’t get all dressed up, get a fancy picture, go to a church service & go somewhere fun for lunch after... but this easter was even more special. We got to watch church from home, stay in our pjs, teach the girls (mainly just Ev ) about how Jesus died for us on the cross for our sins and then he rose from the dead 3 days later... we of course teach her about this all the time.. but this year she had so many questions, really understood it, and loved learning the real reason we celebrate today. We got to decorate donuts this morning, do arts and crafts, do an egg hunt in our backyard and daddy dressed up as the Easter bunny! I will cherish this Easter with my family forever! I know so many people are struggling right now & right now is such a scary time for us all.. but I rest in knowing that Jesus is the only one in control. Jesus died for YOU & came back to life so we could have eternal life after death. If you believe that in your heart, all of your sins are forgiven! How awesome is that?! Jesus loves YOU & has a plan for YOU! Happy Easter everyone!💛🙌🏻

Mar 2020

Barely any toilet paper left but at least I don’t have to worry about stealing coles razor anymore since @dollarshaveclub created the Double Razor Share Pack! Although, crazy to think in 5-7 years I’ll have to teach this kid how to shave her legs & she’ll probably be stealing my razor next🤦🏼‍♀️ What goes around comes around🤷🏼‍♀️ #Ad

Mar 2020

Being quarantined ain’t too bad when I get to hang with these 2 cuties all day! Also, baby bump has started to pop! In a few days I’ll be 20 weeks & halfway thru my pregnancy!🤯 We can’t wait to meet you, baby Z💙

Mar 2020

I love being their mama💛

Feb 2020

Time needs to slow down😅 Although I LOVE watching their sweet bond grow and LOVE watching them play together, I wish it all wouldn’t happen so fast! Pretty soon they are both going to be big sisters and I’ll be wishing time would slow down even more. God is so good & has given me SO much to be grateful for. Extra extra grateful today & trying to soak in as much baby time I can with them while they are still little❤️

Feb 2020

Ever since I was about as old as Everleigh, I would tell my mom I wanted 6 kids! All I ever wanted to be was be a mommy! First I wanted two girls so they could be best friends like my sissy & me, and I was blessed with these two beautiful baby girls! Now we are adding a little boy to the mix in 6 months and I know these girls are going to be the sweetest big sisters! Watching them together & seeing how much they love each other makes me SO happy... Makes all my little girl dreams come true! I love them so stinkin’ much!💕 Outfits: @wildandrae 📸: @patty .othon

Jan 2020

We definitely needed a little BOY in our lives! We are SO excited to meet you sweet baby. You have the best big sisters ever & I already know you’re going to completely steal my heart💙

Jan 2020

Coming up on 10 weeks pregnant & I haven’t been feeling so well. This guy has been taking such good care of me and completely taken over with the kids. I really don’t think there’s better out there than him. He goes above and beyond and I am SO thankful for him. I sure lucked out with this guy💕 + he’s super crazy good lookin’

Jan 2020

Nothing better than this🌞💛

Dec 2019

MY BABY IS 1!😭 Happy Birthday to my sweet Posie girl. The most perfect smiley little baby that makes me want to have 10 more babies. Can’t wait to see you be a big sissy, but for now I’m soaking in all the Posie time I can get! I love you so much! Thank you for making me the happiest mommy in the world!💖 @posierayne

Dec 2019

Pregnant 2 years in a row! Swipe to see! Lucky me! Merry Christmas🎄❤️

Dec 2019

These girls are my world & I couldn’t be happier to be their mama! Can’t wait to have THREE babies in August! 🙈😍

Dec 2019

My baby girl is SEVEN years old! Not sure how that happened so fast and how I have a 7 year old, but she definitely brings the wild and fun into our family! She is constantly making us laugh & always the life of the party! Life would be pretty dang boring without you Ev! Thank you for making me a mommy 7 years ago. Can’t wait to be best friends forever 💛 @everleighrose

Dec 2019

Baby #3 coming August 10th🤰🏼 We are ready to be outnumbered 😅🥰

Nov 2019

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🧡

Nov 2019

He’s dreamy. I love him. Time for another baby?😅💛

Nov 2019

This house is now a home, thanks to the help of @AshleyHomeStore 🏠❤️ We love watching our family grow and change in this home, and we are glad we created spaces to share memories together. If you would like a chance to win a $4,000 home makeover and see our full video, check the link in @AshleyHomeStore bio!🎄❤️

Nov 2019

My tiny little best friend👯‍♀️

Nov 2019

All the world is made of faith, & trust, & pixie dust ✨