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❥ tattoo artist & painter ❥ working @leflux .tattoos ❥ e-mail: shennaki @leflux .nl ❥ 2nd account @stickyfingrs_nl

@shennakiart photos and videos

17 hours ago

Full picture of the mural I did in Poland 🌼 I tried to make a whole ass Time-lapse but I got exactly 5 seconds so too bad haha .

4 days ago

Decided to pimp up my old keyhouse to match my purple vase and flowers in the hallway 🌱🌼🌬🌿✨ Check out the rest of our team: @leflux .tattoos @leflux .culturestore @xandermulder @clarence_milas @stickyfingrs_nl . . . . #colortattoo #colortattoos #abstracttattoo #watercolortattoo #watercolor #watercolorart #graffiti #art #tattoo #graffititattoo #creativetattoo #tattoooftheday #purplepainting #flowerpaint #tiktokart #flowerpainting #keyhouse #diy #diyhomedecore #bohostyle

6 days ago

Part of a mural in Poland 💕🦋 mixed media on wood

3 weeks ago

Another series of me and my skirt merging into the canvas

3 weeks ago

Safe space . This painting represents the womb or warm energy around you that makes you feel safe before life starts . In this case I used a baby bird because it’s so pure and innocent . Fragile even . The two hands represent a nurturing spirit. One I was looking for and couldn’t find so I made it my own. The hands respect and hold the orb but do not touch it. Since the ball cannot be touched or it will break. This way it can only be protected without touching its growing heart and soul .

3 weeks ago

Skirt skrrt matching colors I tried to be inventive during this Corona time on my balcony 🤣 Bathing suit by @bysharenarodriguez

4 weeks ago

🧚🏼‍♀️I tried matching my painting and merging with the feeling of my artwork. Releasing my inner elf and I enjoy it, but honestly it’s weird posting more pics of myself and my art. I’m so used to posting tattoo work. But i have shit load of paintings at home waiting to be shared haha. So prepare... 🌸

4 weeks ago

Butterflies- digital drawing I did on the iPad using pro create

4 weeks ago

I decided to recreate one of my paintings on myself . The painting will be posted on my feed . This is my very first igtv video. Hope you like it . #art #butterflymakeup #painting

4 weeks ago

Playing around

5 weeks ago

Kiss . Acrylics on canvas 40x50 cm

5 weeks ago

My dear friend mister deer

last month

Adding some extra pastel before varnishing

last month

“Teary eyed” ❤️For sale . Mixed media -acrylics/graffiti/pastels . Artwork done on heavy grain watercolor paper . 67x42

last month

Tears of joy tears of sadness . Tears we share in this madness

last month

Ooweeeee little astronaut is going to space with his planet balloons. I know I sound like a loonatic typing these captions but come on it’s hard not to imagine a story behind the adventures of little astronaut . This one is from my flash and I’m super happy I got to tattoo it back then. Check out the rest of our team: @leflux .tattoos @leflux .culturestore @xandermulder @clarence_milas @stickyfingrs_nl . . . . #colortattoo #colortattoos #abstracttattoo #watercolortattoo #watercolor #watercolorart #graffiti #art #tattoo #graffititattoo #creativetattoo #tattoooftheday #spacetattoo #suntattoo #moontattoo #jupitertattoo #planettattoo #astrology #astrologytattoo #littleastronaut #shennaki #shennakiart #shennakitattoo

last month

Since I can’t post that many tattoos here is a picture of myself . Enjoy . No kidding haha . @marcjoost took this picture before we had to close the tattoo shop . @leflux .culturestore

last month

I miss tattooing peppers and garlic . Food related tattoos are more than welcome in the future I really like it haha . Check out the rest of our team: @leflux .tattoos @leflux .culturestore @xandermulder @clarence_milas @stickyfingrs_nl . . . . #colortattoo #colortattoos #abstracttattoo #watercolortattoo #watercolor #watercolorart #graffiti #art #tattoo #graffititattoo #creativetattoo #tattoooftheday #peppertattoo #foodtattoo #tattooidea #chef #cheftattoo

last month

Prepping prints with handmade stencils . I like the little extra details

Mar 2020

Thanks Aaron! @spiketvnl (not finished ) So proud of you. I know you are as awkward as me sometimes hahaha but we had so much fun .It was a long day and can’t wait to finish this piece . Next time more color . Swipe to see some tv shine moments woop woop

Mar 2020

People ask how much distance should you have from another ? 1 shennaki = 1,51m 🔥 So In doubt think about a whole shennaki on the floor and you’re good to go . “Don’t toch me” 📷 @amarantawolters

Mar 2020

The Witcher tattoo @henrycavill haha just kidding it was on Tristan . I’m not funny . Well anyway it was cool working with just red.

Mar 2020

I absolutely love love love doing full abstract tattoos 💕. What you guys think. I got total freedom in the design and that was great ! Half healed half fresh

Mar 2020

Slightly cross eyed kitty in sketch style ! And yes he really had those intense eyes haha !