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Pandemic Rex Album / Amazon Prime & Dead Man (Official Video )

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3 days ago

Manz R Drownin #Revenge20 Best Caption Gets this Sweater for Free Before Store Opens. 🚧

4 days ago

S/o No Pressure for hitting 100k on YouTube - Always Knew You’d Do Well with No Support God Bless My Fans Which are my Family.. Go Crazy 🚧 & Don’t Worry I’m NOT Comfortable it’s Still #Revenge20 Btw Having Fans Comment to Unlock a Video is so Last Year 🥱 New Management.

6 days ago

S/o Repercussion for Hittin 100k on YouTube #Revenge20 This Song is My Nephew & I cant Lie I Doubted You.. Was Mad I Wore the Off White Jacket For You Buh it’s all Love I See You Shining on Your Own With No Support🥇🎖 My Apology’s 🧗🏾

6 days ago

Who Had the Better intro? A. Pandemic Rex Album Song: Dead Man B. Revenge Album Song: Revenge #Revenge20

1 weeks ago

Which One of my Children is your Favourite ⏬ - link in bio #Revenge20 🕯⛈ A. Amazon Prime B. Dead Man C. 25 to Life D. COVID-21

2 weeks ago

Come to the Townz dats da Deep End #Revenge20 Out of Your Mind Tryna Black Ball WE! 🥇🎖 - link in bio

2 weeks ago

I’m Top 1 in Real Life - I’m Not Rolling Around Like I’m TT.. I Got the Chopper Where’s GGs? #Revenge20 Amazon Prime / Dead Man Video & Pandemic Rex Mixtape in My Bio 🇨🇦☣️

2 weeks ago

Pandemic Rex Available Everywhere link in bio With Amazon Prime & Dead Man Video.. Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

2 weeks ago

Amazon Prime / Dead Man Out Now! 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾🏃🏽‍♀️ 🕯🕯 🕯😈 #Revenge20 link in bio

2 weeks ago

Good Morning .. Link in Bio - If the Work Shy Get hit Wit the Glizzy I got Tons of Whores.. they Only gettin Timmies.. My Dawg Stuck In the Game His Life Sticky it’s Ugly Out here Trust Me it ain’t Pretty.. Can’t believe I made it to Half of Fifty.. My Nigga just Got Half of Fifty I’m 25 Now I won’t see him til I’m Fifty We was 13 sellin D by the Mickie’s 📦🔥

2 weeks ago

What Else Do You Want From Me ? Die Wit Your Bredjren Since You Love So Much Company 1 Stick Catchin 2 M’s No Recovery.. Seen a Dead Body I Walked Over it .. That Was 0-10 back When I Had the Polo Fit .. Never Had Family Channel I Had Opiates I Attended a Different Camp Rock .. Than the Jonases - Link in Bio 📦 Produced By @bygbyrdpro | Shot By @jordentodishh

3 weeks ago

Drag My Name Thru the Mud.. I Come Out Clean #Revenge20 Magneto ⛈

3 weeks ago

Go Play Somewhere I’m Busy #Revenge20

3 weeks ago

Just Because You Delete Me on Snapchat.. it Doesn’t Mean u Stop Seeing Me #Revenge20

3 weeks ago

Pre-Order Pandemic Rex Mixtape | Expected Delivery July 1st, 2020 Canada Day 🇨🇦 #Revenge20

4 weeks ago

Pre Order Now Available! . Amazon Prime Shipping. Expected Delivery July 1, 2020. Order Now To Ensure Delivery! Link in Bio 💾

4 weeks ago

Light All The Candles 🕯

4 weeks ago

I Have What You Have Just The Upgraded Version @jaaydabarber

4 weeks ago

Dead Man

4 weeks ago

I Know You Can See Me

4 weeks ago

Heard they Put a Mill on My Head.... Go Get your Money Back. #Revenge20

5 weeks ago

OVR 99

last month

Out of Your Mind Tryna Black Ball We #Revenge20 👳🏿‍♂️

last month

The Only Thing Missin is a Cape on me #Revenge20 | You Should be Scared of What I’m gonna Do Next! Something is Coming & NO Toronto Artist Can Hold this Transformation ✖️🔥 I’m Laughing at you👇🏾 You Thought I Was Done 😆 tag Whoever cause Nobody is Ahead of Me! #playoffs