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Short for ‘Vagina Avengers’ we use the arts to tackle Female Genital Mutilation. ✊🏾Survivor-led 📍Registered UK Charity 🎵Events to fundraise creatively

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HOW TO REACH OUT TO YOUR BLACK FRIENDS & COLLEAGUES We have been empowered, inspired and challenged by the important content being shared. We encourage you to continue exploring the resources made available and seeking out Black voices to learn how to support the movement now and longer-term. Visit our BLM story highlight for some direction. This post aims to guide you in supporting the Black people in your lives. There is no blanket statement and every relationship is unique but included are some things to consider. DO NOT stay silent when those closest to you are in pain and DO NOT think posting on social media is enough. The road is long, we are just at the start, but we might be able to make real change. #blacklivesmatter

3 days ago

For so long, white people have been accomplices not allies. Not being ‘overtly’ racist is NOT enough, you must actively engage in anti-racist work. Simply calling yourself an ally is also not enough - you must use your privilege to create change. This is no time for stillness, it is a time of mobility and it’s on white people now. ✊🏾 . The slogan #WhiteSilenceIsViolence feels particularly poignant to us in this time. It is often considered what the reaction would be if FGM was performed on white girls? Would the world sit by so silently? Female Genital Mutilation is one of TOO MANY inequalities that people of colour and black people in particular fight. These fights should not be faced alone. We are one human race and it is time we started acting like it! Look out for the many ways you can support the fight for equality — we will be sharing some resources and good places to start. Stay safe, stay active 💜

4 days ago

#BlackoutTuesday 💜 This is NOT a day to remain silent, post one black square and go back to business as usual. This post represents us muting our content not related to the BLM movement. Instead, we will use our page to amplify black voices, post petitions and link useful resources. Posting this square is the bare minimum and we must all understand that and honour what it is supposed to represent. If you are replicating this as an organisation or a person please DO NOT use the BlackLivesMatter or BLM hashtags. This will block vital information and resources. Social media is an important tool for info, activism and change - we do not want to suppress content so please be mindful. ✊🏾

3 weeks ago

ANNOUNCING OUR THIRD PANEL DISCUSSION: Vulnerable Women 🌿 This week we will be engaging in the topic of vulnerable women; specifically looking at the unique impacts that the pandemic has had on refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.  We will be speaking with Sarian Karim Kamara, a leading anti-FGM campaigner, activist and the founder of the Community Interest Company ‘Keep the Drums, Lose the Knife’. KDLK coordinates workshops of support for the survivors of FGM in the UK and in Sierra Leone; Sarian has become a consistent point of access for women who seek advice in discretion and safety. Join us this Thursday at 7pm on Instagram live as we talk on the subject of vulnerable women and discuss the ways that we can challenge its effects. 🌱

4 weeks ago

ANNOUNCING OUR SECOND PANEL DISCUSSION: Women’s Healthcare Services Part 2 - Mental Health 🌿 This week we are excited to be hosting the second in our series of panel discussions. Our chair is nurse, anti-FGM activist and campaigner and the co-founder of the Vavengers; Hoda Ali. Hoda will be conducting a conversation with Dr Leyla Hussein; another prominent anti-FGM activist and campaigner as well as a psychotherapist and the founder of the Dahlia project. Join us this Thursday at 7pm on Instagram live to engage in the subject of women's health services, with a focus on those that concern mental health. 🌱

last month

ANNOUNCING OUR FIRST PANEL DISCUSSION: Women’s Healthcare Services 🌿 We will be taking over Instagram live on the 7th of May to hear the perspectives of two prominent voices in women's rights and FGM; Leyla Hussein and Joy Clarke. We will engage in how women's healthcare services have been affected by this crisis and the ways in which women can still gain support. We will then offer you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to you being apart of this essential conversation. 🌱

last month

Introducing Our Upcoming Panel Series: Women’s Health During Covid-19 🌿 We would like to invite you to join us on IG Live to listen and engage in the topics that surround women’s health and the FGM community during the coronavirus crisis. Soon we will be unveiling our first panel topic as well as details of when to join the conversation. 🌱

Apr 2020

PRESENTING OUR NEW SERIES: weekly Inspiration 💜 We know it is hard to stay motivated in these times and it is ok if your productivity is down – we all need to take a moment of pause sometimes. To help fill what might be an abundance of free time we have decided to launch a new feature. Every week we will posting 3 things that have been inspiring our team: 1. A hero Someone that is doing amazing work to support and empower women across the globe 2. A book To really get your head and heart into, 3. A film To curl up in front of and open a window to the world We hope each week to empower you that the world is still turning and your mind can stay active, ready to be unleashed when this is all over! Kicking off this week with a beautiful selection from our co-founders Hoda and Mabel: 1. Doussou Konaté has been an ambassador for women’s rights in her her Senegalese village. Continually speaking about the empowerment of women and girls and helping her village achieve its ambitions of having a healthy, happy community. They say this was possible after learning about the right to health, to bodily integrity, and freedom from discrimination from Konaté 💪🔥 Photograph from The Orchid Project 2. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ‘I would like to ask that we begin to dream about and plan for a different world. A fairer world. A world of happier men and happier women who are truer to themselves. And this is how to start: we must raise our daughters differently. We must also raise our sons differently…’ 3. Miss Representation, 2011 Explores the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America, and challenges the media's limited portrayal of what it means to be a powerful woman. Keep inspired and keep active! If you enjoy our recommendations, share them round and share with us any suggestions of your own 💜💜 Love and energy from The Vavengers team x

Mar 2020

Yes it is a weird time, yes everything is uncertain and unstable - but do not lose hope 💜 we are one big earth taking this situation together and it is in these times humanity is revealed and the strength in communities proven. Look after yourselves, your family, neighbours and most importantly reach out to those most vulnerable 🤝 Finally, don’t let the media kid you into thinking all other issues have stopped. Girls and women all over the world are still being cut and we must never forget them from our thoughts and actions! We will unite now more than ever ✊🤍

Mar 2020

#internationalwomensday Sending love to all the women around the world and celebrating the uniqueness of each and every one 💜 We must also take this day to remember all the women denied their basic human rights because of their gender. The fight is not over ✊

Feb 2020

The Vavengers are on a mission to end Female Genital Mutilation and to do this we need to make sure everyone is armed with the knowledge they need 💪 There is no shame in asking about something you don’t understand or sharing your knowledge if you think someone needs to know! With this in mind we are going to start sharing more of our knowledge, then you can share it too 💜🗣👀 FGM is complex and the experiences of it vast and unique - use this post as a base level of understanding 👂 #endfgm #fgm #whatisfgm #femalegenitalmutilation #knowledgeispower

Feb 2020

A further 68 million girls are estimated to be at risk of FGM over the next 10 years 😔 Heartbreaking and empowering. We must fight everyday until we can end FGM, everywhere, for every girl and woman 🌎💜 We will not stay quiet until every female is safe from gender-based violence! Who’s with us? 🗣 #endfgm #endviolenceagainstwomen #women #fgm #activism #socialactivism #united #femaleempowerment

Dec 2019

Dreaming of the sweet soulful sounds of @direpitan at our charity launch event last month 🎵 🎶 🎧 📸 @hle_photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #soul #music #musician #charity #charityevent #fgm #endfgm #endfgm2030 #london #londonevents #vagina #vivalavulva #menagainstfgm #menagainstabuse #women #womensrights

Dec 2019

@georgiestewartillustration conjured up this masterpiece as part of our ‘Personify The Vulva’ series. Take a moment today to respect every Vulva! #vivalavulva ✊🏾 . . . . . . . . . #art #thevavengers #vavengers #artist #vulva #vivalavulva #vagina #female #femaleform #feminist #personifythevulva #illustration #illustrator #illustratorsoninstagram #illustrationartists #drawing #draw #drawings #drawingoftheday

Dec 2019

The lovely #Vavengers team beaming with pride before our official charity launch event! We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you! 📸 @hle_photo . . . . . . . . #fgm #femalegenitalmutilation #endfgm #lastgeneration #endfgm2030 #womensrights #women #female #charity #charitywork #teamwork #team #london #londonevents #londonevent #charityevent

Nov 2019

🌟WE NEED YOU🌟The Vavengers are looking for a Social Media Manager to join our dedicated team of volunteers! We’re also desperately looking for a Pro bono accountant! Please get in touch via email if you’re interested in joining or have any suggestions 🤗🤗🤗

Nov 2019

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women #thevavengers honours those who have been fighting the battle for years. Here’s a 📸 of @jayk .frederick speaking at one of our networking events. Jay is an activist, author and podcast host who has dedicated her career to speaking out against FGM and all gender-based violence. . . . . . . . . #endfgm #lastgeneration #endfgm2030 #internationaldayfortheeliminationofviolenceagainstwomen #un #womensupportingwomen #womensrights #female

Nov 2019

‘Listen to your body, watch it bloom’ part of our ‘Personify the Vulva’ series by @heyimsakina . . . . . . . . . . #art #thevavengers #vavengers #artist #vulva #vivalavulva #vagina #female #femaleform #feminist #bloom

Nov 2019

💫 WE DID IT!!!💫 Last night we launched the #Vavengers as an official #charity and in the @vagina_museum of all places! Thank you so much to everyone involved who made the evening possible and to all of our fantastic supporters. The money raised from last nights event will be used to organise art therapy workshops for female refugees and survivors of FGM. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements! 📸 @hle_photo . . . . . . . . . #thevavengers #charity #charityevent #charitylaunch #vivalavulva #vaginamuseum #fgm #endfgm #endfgm2030 #endfgmnow #lastgeneration

Oct 2019

We’re obsessed with this illustration of @leylahusseinuk by @sarah .epperson. Leyla, one of our directors, has been at the forefront of the campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation. She is a founder, psychotherapist, mother, survivor, activist, OBE and #VAVENGER ! . . . . . . . . . . . . #endfgm #fgm #endfgm2030 #socialactivist #women #womenempowerment #woman #womanpower #womancrushwednesday #illustration #illustrator #draw #drawing

Oct 2019

💫ANNOUNCEMENT 💫The Vavengers have become an official UK registered charity!!! 💜💟💜 We have operated as a community organisation over the last few years, hosting musical events to engage London’s creative community and raise money for grassroots organisations already working to end #FemaleGenitalMutilation . Receiving this #charity status allows us to continue this work and expand even further, and to celebrate this joyous occasion we are hosting an official charity launch fundraiser!🎈This will be an opportunity to gather our supporters and show the industry what we've done, what we've got planned and where we're going in 2020. If you would like a representative from your organisation to join us or if you as an individual have the shared goal of ending FGM please email us with an invitation request! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #endfgm #endfgm2030 #female #femaleempowerment #thevavengers #vivalavulva #londonevents #charityevent #charities #womensrights

Sep 2019

Personify the Vulva. @heyimsakina . The Vavengers asked a group of illustrators to ‘Personify the Vulva’ and we couldn’t be happier with the result! The work is thought-provoking and explores ideas of global feminism, FGM and our relationship to the female form. . We’re in love with this amazing illustration from @heyimsakina - check out her work and stay tuned for more! ✊🏾✅🧩