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This is #8cantwait . Policies cities can implement which could decrease police violence by up to 72%. Check out @campaignzero for more info or visit 8cantwait.org

9 hours ago

Visit @whenweallvote for a ton of useful information about upcoming local, state and federal elections. #VOTE


Black Lives Matter #blackouttuesday

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2 weeks ago

I’m joining @TaikaWaititi in this reading series of James and the Giant Peach by @roald_dahl which, coincidentally, is a word for word copy of my memoir. (Lawyers talking now ) But wait, there’s more! This’ll raise money for @partnersinhealth to fight COVID-19 in some of the most vulnerable parts of the world. Go to youtube.com/roalddahl to see the full story and please, if you can, DONATE to @partnersinhealth – every donation is being matched by Roald Dahl and their partners. Starts tomorrow, May 25th, 10am PST/1PM EST #TaikaAndFriends

4 weeks ago

I salute these three incredible mothers for their wisdom, strength and ability to forever appear as though they’re standing at the doorway to their own surprise birthday party. #HappyMothersDay ❤️

4 weeks ago

Some people have said these Conquer Covid-19 shirts are “too boring”. Well, guess what, Blake? Not anymore... Get yours at: @conquercovid19ca #boringtshirtchallenge 🇨🇦

4 weeks ago

‪We shot this last year as an attack ad on a *certain* coffee company... and it kinda evolved into a quarantine ad to help #TipYourBartenders . 🤷‍♀️🍸‬

5 weeks ago

a little while ago, we were shooting an epic first ad for @MintMobile . This is not that ad.

last month

Today is @therock ’s birthday. There’ll be a lot of well wishes for him. He deserves it. This year, we fulfilled a lifelong dream: shooting exactly half a film called RED NOTICE before being promptly shut down. Had we not spent 90 percent of our time laughing, we might have finished it in time. Happy Birthday, Bubba. 📷: @hhgarcia41

last month

Love the #FreeGuy cover shot for @totalfilm . It’s my favorite movie I’ve ever done. Just an absolute fastball of joy. Can’t wait to get it out there. On... December 11th? 🤞 👕 @jodiemcomer @slevydirect

last month

Hugh and I have a temporary cease-fire on our feud for the @allinchallenge . So, I nominate legendary Astronaut, @ColChrisHadfield , Soccer Superstar, @Ashley_Lawrence10 and just to screw with him... @TheHughJackman . (WHAAT? A challenge inside a challenge. ) Donations benefit @nokidhungry , @mealsonwheelsamerica and #americasfoodfund which benefits @feedingamerica and @wckitchen

last month

Are you sick and tired of fashion? Is your mother-in-law hunting you? Visit: conquercovid19.ca and help those who REALLY need you. @yasmeensyedaa #conquercovid19 @conquercovid19ca

last month

Couldn’t be more proud of this community. They dropped everything. Working round the clock to make sure our most vulnerable are protected. Thank you to the @conquercovid19ca gang. Thank you @hchickwick for showing again and again what the heart of a leader looks like. Game on. 🇨🇦

last month

Hayley Wickenheiser is not only one of Canada’s greatest hockey players, she’s also a healthcare professional. Tomorrow, join Hayley and the @conquercovid19ca team from 9 to 5 for a vital PPE drive in Toronto. [XYZ Storage, 459 Eastern Ave.] ANYONE with N95, 8210 and 9210 masks to spare, bring them by. It’s not just hospital staff, but also cops, paramedics, grocery store workers, and a ton of others putting their asses on the line every day. Also, bring jokes. Those are in short supply too. If you can’t bring jokes, put them below in the comments. And thank you. 🇨🇦💪 @hchickwick Thanks @mutant101 for the art! #conquercovid19

last month

This is what a damn miracle looks like. Do you need #PPE ? Do you have PPE to donate? Visit conquercovid19.ca. If you live in Ontario, join the drive this Saturday from 9-5 in Toronto: XYZ Storage (459 Eastern Avenue ) 🇨🇦🙌 @conquercovid19ca @etalkCTV @hchickwick Repost from @hchickwick - @vancityreynolds and I have teamed up with @conquercovid19ca to support healthcare workers! They will be hosting a PPE drive EVERY SATURDAY in Toronto from 9am-5pm at XYZ Storage (459 Eastern Ave ). Visit conquercovid19.ca if you need PPE or can donate PPE to our upcoming drive. #conquercovid19 #covid #ppe

last month

Read Hayley’s message below. But first... People who help Hayley get this critical PPE gear will get something awesome from me. I’ll send you personalized videos. I’ll sign whatever you want. I’ll send Deadpool Bobbleheads and/or movie memorabilia. Maybe you’re a sick son of a bitch and want me to sign some Green Lantern shit. Well guess what? I’ll sign that too, you sick son of a bitch. I’ll raise your children as if they were my own - which trust me, you do NOT want. Any help will be rewarded generously. These are the days. These are the helpers. Let’s help the helpers. Read this ⬇️⬇️⬇️ and let’s go 🇨🇦. Thank you, - Ryan . . . . . . REPOST: from @hchickwick - Saw this ridiculous photo and laughed so hard. However, this is a very serious ask: After desperate pleas from my front line friends in the Toronto area, I have decided to put an ask out. These items are not for my use at all, they will help people to save lives. I’m not seeking cash, rather these items: 1350 N95 (68 boxes ) 13,500 surgical masks (135 boxes ) 13,500 gloves (135 boxes ) 1,350 chemo gowns If you are a business or person in Toronto or GTA area and you can help, I will personally pick up these items myself w/ proper distancing and PPE. I don’t have much to offer in return, maybe a signed jersey, a smile and guaranteed good Karma. If you can help email: robb @wickhockey .com. Thank you folks!

Apr 2020

Free Guy is moving to ‪Dec. 11th! Here's a weirdly appropriate clip, which isn’t actually finished. We cut it a while ago (while there was still a “Fox” before @20thcenturystudios ). Ignore the watermarks. And thanks to #Aspect for cutting it. #FreeGuy 👕

Apr 2020

Good news! @Mintmobile is extending free unlimited data until May 14th. In slightly mixed news, a few Mint customers decided to leave me a voicemail after I left them one.

Apr 2020

A message to Canadian bartenders in both English and French. (Although my French Canadian’s a bit rusty ) . . For the incredible bartenders in my homeland... we love and miss you. . . En Français: . Ces chaussettes noires font de mauvais condoms. . . Thank you!/j'aime les bananes! . . @_cpba_ @aviationgin #tipyourbartenders

Mar 2020

Good news is still news. #Thankful 🙌

Mar 2020

Until May 1st, for every bottle of Aviation ordered online, we’ll donate 30% of proceeds as a tip to your bartenders - who REALLY miss you btw. LINK IN BIO. #TipYourBartenders #StayHomeSaveLives

Mar 2020

Another important message from an important celebrity. Let’s spread the word, not the virus. I happily nominate @stevenpage @terry_n_reynolds and @sethrogen - #FlattenTheCurve #StayAtHomeSaveLives