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Feb 2020

Growth in nature is cyclical, with ebbs and flows -  Trees periodically shed their leaves,  Animals moult by shedding their feathers, hair and skin. There is the weather cycle of rain - of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. There is a rhythm, backward and forward dance,  Almost as if nature creates and then edits itself for perfection. But it's only man that's come up with the warped definition of progress and growth. It's only man, that constantly aims for more and more, an ever increasing linear growth.  Humans don't factor in rest, stillness, moments of shedding and letting go in their concept of growth. Maybe that's the difference between a healthy organism and a cancer riddled one. The ability to let go - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Feb 2020

Day one of our winter Mentok Kangri expedition started out with a bang. We lit the stove and put snow to melt to make some water after setting up camp. As the snow was melting we suddenly heard knocking sounds coming from the Butane canister. Not knowing why that was happening we checked it and thought since there was nothing we could do about it we just let the stove keep burning. But the thudding sounds just kept becoming more persistent and louder. Alarmed at the sound Lapu reached forward to turn off the stove when suddenly a huge ball of fire just shot out towards us. The tent caught fire and in an instant we saw it melting the fabric as if it was red coloured paper just being devoured by the flame. Clement having the presence of mind immediately kicked the stove and canister out of the tent and I tried swatting at the spreading flames with my mittens. Lapu in an effort to stomp out the flames that crept towards him at an alarming speed put his sleeping bag over it and >POOF!< suddenly the entire tent was filled with FEATHERS flying all over, swirling about with the incoming snow. In an instant, from shrieking, "Oh my god we're going to die in a fire!" suddenly it was dark and deadly quiet. All we could hear was the ferocious wind lashing against our face, with snow coming into the tent and feathers flying all over us, as if a child had just upturned a snow globe - with us being the tiny humans trapped in it - just like a scene from the movie, "Honey, I shrunk the Kids." And my heart sinking quietly after a beat or two whispered like a mouse, "Shit, not a fire, we're now going to die of hypothermia!" We tried barricading the tent from outside with our rucksacks and with our sleeping mattresses from inside against the gaping hole trying to prevent the wind and more snow from entering the tent. We finally ended up going to sleep like miserable wet feral cats in sleeping bags and a tent that was drenched and wet from the snow. We had no option but to wait till day break to help make things better. Sometimes patience is the only form of courage life allows you to exercise. A tiny voice that whispers, wait - Let's try again tomorrow. Good Night miserable cat.

Jan 2020

When I was younger I craved a passionate love, But now I know without respect and consideration embedded in it that's such a fleeting empty experience with nothing substantial to anchor it on to. I used to chase goals and labels, but now the process is equally imporant in anything I choose to say yes to. I used think travelling to more places and meeting people would make me more sauve, refined and street smart - But now I know it's multiplicity of perception, understanding of relativity, subjectivity, insight and depth of mind and character that adds so much more to life instead. There is a certain point in life after which you simply are pouring more into an already full cup. After that point it's nothing external that can add to your life, Then the barriers you cross stop being physical ones, But simply perceptual and psycological ones. And the only bridges you get into the habit of burning aren't those with anyone else, but the ones that lie between you of the past and the person you wish to be. Life stops being a bugle call rousing you to go to war with everything outside, Instead your life becomes more like a prayer flag, fluttering colourfully in the flow of life - Spreading peace, love, tolerance, understanding and prayers to anyone who comes into contact with your being - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Jan 2020

The Legacy Chronicles. Such a vast portion of our lives only makes sense in hindsight - when you look back on it through the comforting lense of time. Things which seem uncertain and in a complete bumbling mess at the present moment sometimes seem to settle down into a lovely pattern with a logic of it's own that was dictated by life rather than your own little tiny plans made. Tiny shards of colourful experiences come together and break away with the turn of the clock in this kaleidoscope of our life. You can't hold on to or run away from anything - things that you love, or the things that you hate. Each has a time, season and mandate by life. No matter how intelligent, hardworking or capable you are, life will never allow you to chose your cards - you are only allowed the choice in how you deal with what's dealt to you. So let go of trying to rig the game, learn to respond intelligently and with grace to whatever comes your way instead. We were just having fun, but it made for such great memories in hindsight. Throwback picture, thank you @ashish_clickbug for this beautiful memory, thank you Monika for the beautiful Kimono and thank you Puffy Jacket for the wide grin that I have on my face thanks to you here. - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Jan 2020

I've lost my way from a map so many times in life, And yet in those moments of exploration I've felt the most at home in my own being. There have been so many times, where I couldn't explain what drove me to make the choices I made to another human, And yet it's always made so much sense to me in the language of my own heart and soul. I met someone who loved telling stories, What's your story he asked me, "I have none," I replied. The perceiving mind stuck in the past always has a story - stories are the product of memory, accumulated ideas and constructs. Stories serve a purpose of information, instruction, motivation and reference. But flooding your mind constantly with them makes you lose touch with another communicator of the soul - Silence. Do instincts have stories? When you live each day one-present-moment-at-a-time, memories become yet another cell added to the flow of your blood and life stream. I've never yet met a bird who sat on the branch of an apricot tree and asked the apricot, "So what's your story? What makes you bloom?" It simply sat on the branch and devoured the sweet fruit one present life giving moment at a time. We humans have become such knowing and accumulating creatures that we've forgotten that there are other aspects to existence and communication as well. Being. Just being - one now moment at a time, with your senses fully aware to life all around you and transforming along with it. From time to time wash your mind and being of the accumulated baggage of stories - yours and that of others, and simply just be. Let your body experience life without the dictates of the mind. Let each cell of your body respond to the environment and come alive again. To be human, it is necessary to leave behind the trappings of civilization from time to time. To be human, it is necessary to from time to time leave aside what humans tell you and listen to what nature has to say through her silence instead. - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Dec 2019

Project Kindness 2.0 Giveaway *now closed* First Prize winner @pupulmimi 🌟✨ Second Prize winner @ankitvivid ⭐✨ . No man is an island. For all of modern day society's lopsided emphasis on just the individual and their singular successes and achievements - we become who we are as a result of the guidance, mentorship, nurturing and emotional support and love of our families and friends. The year is almost at an end and what better way to close this decade than by celebrating and shining the spotlight on the people that we love, respect and admire. Meet "BoBo The Sheep", sitting all festive and happy in this post picture up there. This little toy amongst other hand crafted items that's made and sold by @thecolorcaravan is a reflection of the labour of love and the fruits of the hard work, perseverance, dedication and selfless-service of a woman called Swati Seth, it's founder. As a social entrepreneur she set up The Color Caravan as a social enterprise in a small Himalayan village called Naggar, in Himachal Pradesh. By imparting skill trainings like conducting embroidery workshops, woolwork, crocheting, hand knitting, weaving, sewing etc especially to the women of the community there, she helps them upskill, create products that would be appealing to a wider audience-and-consumer base and generate an income for themselves. Purchases made through The Color Caravan helps the community women earn an income and brings a positive empowering change in their families. Rules for the Giveaway - 1] Comment below this post "I'm In 🙋" 2] Go to @thecolorcaravan page and share any one of their posts on your insta story stating what you like about it. Either how cute a toy was, or how well made something was, or even how inspiring you may have felt the enterprise is. Point being, a kind thing said. Tag @wandering_dreamcatcher too so that I may be able to take note. You don't have to follow my account or the Color Caravans account. That's not required. Best wishes.

Nov 2019

Growing up I used to be quiet as a mouse. It was a coping mechanism of a young child who was terrified by the violence all around her. I came from a broken family, the only child of a mother who herself was suffering from debilitating depression and societal stigma. She was way too spirited and way too rebellious to fit into a family that thrived on breaking down the spirit of their female family members through sexual, emotional and physical abuse. The shame and stigma that she faced for not wanting to live in an abusive family got passed down to me as my inheritance. Growing up in a family filled with violence, abuse and secrecy made me shut down. A young child not knowing how to process trauma, my body reflected it through learning disorders and neurological degeneration. My whole life I've faced debilitating migraine attacks and the inability to focus and concentrate on anything for longer periods of time. My healing started not through medications, or therapy. My healing started after I started standing up for my rights. After I started standing up and telling the truth. After I stood up and faced my abusers, my own family and told the truth about them openly to the world. My healing started when I had the strength to speak up. There is power in telling the truth. There is power for standing up for what's right. And there is power in sacred rage. Do not ever back down when you see abuse happening, to yourself or others. Do not ever stay silent when something wrong is being done, to yourself or others. Cause in that silence and moment of weakness is the seeds of your very own destruction sown. Do not hanker after justice, this world does not operate on the laws of good or bad. There seldom is true justice given in human life. The only thing required for your healing is YOU speaking up. In a society that hoodwinks you into thinking that only mind games, manipulation, secrecy and silence thrives, know my darling that true power belongs in integrity, honesty, authenticity and compassion. I stand in my own power today as proof of it. So can you my darling, so can you - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Nov 2019

No, I'm not ambitious. Ambition for the sake of ambition isn't my thing. But I am intensely passionate about the things I love. No, I'm not driven by external validation or praises. But I am very driven by authentic heart based connections. No, you can't get me to work more for a higher paycheck. But then you can't get me to stop working my ass off for a project I completely am interested in. Yes, I am a people's person and genuinely do love talking ideas, movies, art and just having silly childish giggles. But I don't give a rat's ass to connect with people only for collaborations, chasing clout, collecting contacts or networking. Yes, I have a lot of fun on and do love social media. But I don't allow the algorithms of an app to make me jump through the hoops of forced gimmicky behaviour. Yes, I am a huge bundle of loud Yes's and No's. But I make it work perfectly for me. Yes, I am not for everyone. I am not the lowest common denominator that panders to the tastes of a faceless crowd. But for those that belong to my soul tribe and authentic connections, all you have to do is holler and I shall walk through galaxies and universes by your side the way a faithful mountain dog walks by with its favourite person. Yes, I may also be a dog at heart 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🐶✨ - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Sep 2019

Someone earlier told me how toxic they felt social media was, especially Instagram. How all there was to it these days was a sea of pretty stylised and over edited pictures taken during trips meant specifically to generate content and not for travel's sake anymore. It only fueled dissatisfaction amongst people and conditioned their minds to constantly compare. People these days seldom meet up to make real friends, but only want to go to Instagram meet-ups, and influencer trips for the collaborations, tagging of pictures and getting exposed to each other's follower base to grow their own. I agreed to it all. But isn't social media just like real life itself? The platform is neutral, it's the way you use it that will make it a positive or negative experience. Social media started off as a place for connection and community - to reach out to new people and share world views, and for self expression. But now it has boiled down to being just a huge big popularity contest where the aim is to "cultivate" an audience (like being trapped in the immature high school phase of life all over again ) How can you take back the reins and stop it from being a negative influence in your life? Think of social media as a free-for-all buffet where you can stuff your mind with anything and everthing on offer. You can either stuff it with silly "Influencer" junk on offer or you can use discretion and search for and follow the real artists, writers, and people offering real value that nourishes your mind and soul. Choose to expose and engage with content that teaches you something new, follow accounts that make you feel motivated to keep on improving yourself and keep learning new things. I use social media as a learning tool. I am militant at cutting off stupidity, negativity and low IQ manipulative shit from my feed in an instant. Do the same. Instagram is a wonderful place if you use it intelligently and don't wear a mask and try to pretend to be what you are not (just like in real life ). Use this platform wisely and you will find your account doesn't have any followers at all, you just have a community that you have respectful interactions with - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Jul 2019

I was babysitting my neighbours kid today, a 5 year old child who was playing with her Princess doll after having watched the Little Mermaid. She was talking about how one day she'll grow up and become a princess and her prince charming shall come to fetch her too just like in the movie. Looking at her innocent face i told her, "Darling. Don't make a human being your prince and forever after. Make your passions your life partner. That way you lift off from another human being the burdens of having to complete you, to please you and to make you happy. We as a society have screwed up the happiness of so many people because we are training little girls to seek out their prince, and boys to seek out a damsel in distress. And when they reach adulthood all of a sudden we just superficially put up token slogans of "Feminism and Equality" totally screwing up their inner narratives. We have equally wronged men as we have done women, by placing upon them role  playing assignments since the time they were trusting impressionable kids. Where is the fairy tale that shows a young girl of chasing her dreams of sailing the seven seas and exploring the world? And fairy God mothers turning pumpkins into books and providing boots to explore in, instead of glass slippers? Where are the stories that tell young boys that removing themselves from the burdens of having to be a Prince is OK? That the only dragons that they ever have to slay are the internal ones of poor character, lack of integrity and bad judgment. That the only saving of a woman or man they ever have to do in life after they grow up is to give a distressed person a sword in their hands - irrespective of gender, and show them how to use it. And stand by that person's side while they slay their demons themselves. We as a society screw up the young and then punish them for growing up into the very shapes they were moulded into." The poor kid just looked at me bewildered, not understanding a single word I said. I just smiled and took the Princess Doll out of her hands and gave her clay instead. It's time kids fashioned their own fairy tales. Not be given the flawed ones of society anymore - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

May 2019

"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, remember the limitations of being human. I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, 'Yes.' It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away. I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments." by Oriah Mountain Dreamer This has been one poem that I've always used as a personal life mantra. Everytime I've doubted myself or questioned my choices or actions in life, I've turned back to these words to help me reorient my mind and heart again in the right direction. You learn as the years go by that seeking answers do not give your life so much meaning as sometimes asking the right questions in life do. And these are the best questions to ask ever - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. In Frame 📷 @jacob_raab #theshootingstar #nomadsofindia

Apr 2019

Notice how all of a sudden, most people everywhere have begun calling out the bullshit they see all around them everywhere - Online and Off. How #FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] has begun being replaced by #JOMO [Joy Of Missing Out]. Slowing down and living a meaningful and mindful life is gaining more traction. The days of running around non-stop like hamsters-on-a-wheel just consuming relentlessly - Be it food, travel, shopping, adventure - anything and everything eventually has become reduced to mere commodities to consume. Experiences are no more for the heart and soul, but for a bucket list to be ticked off and compared. These days I find more comparison, angst and competition amongst the people who left their corporate jobs and said they'd turn into digital nomads, outdoor professionals or alternative lifestyle practioners to escape the conditioning of society. And suddenly we find these digital creatives all churning out the same pictures, doing the same things - looking, sounding and feeling the same. Social Media is the new "Corporate Job" of 2019. Instead of physical cubicles, many are falling prey to the cubicles of Likes-Followers-and Engagement. People have started getting fed-up to their gills with this saccharine sweet constant selling, constantly influencing world. Let's start dedicating more time to quality relationships, quiet laughter with friends, contentment, mindfulness and creation over relentless consumption. Let's balance our lives with a little more of the joys of slow living and #JOMO - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. . 📸 @vishumani

Mar 2019

Project Kindness Giveaway Post ✨ [Update - The winner of this giveaway has been announced. @landscapturing .in won the giveaway] No man is an island. For all modern day society's lopsided singular emphasis on the individual, we become who we are as a result of the guidance, mentorship, nurturing and emotional support and love of our families and friends. Today I want to celebrate that spirit of community and connection by celebrating the work of one woman who turned a source of personal grief into a source of inspiration, commitment and love. Monika Sharma, who lost her sister Tashmita, started her own line of apparel called Tashmita Designs making sure her sister still lives on and her memory is still celebrated through each design and garment she designs and makes. This lovely long tunic jacket I'm wearing in these pictures is a Tashmita Design garment. The winner of this giveaway gets to choose a design from the @Tashmitadesigns page. Men also get an option to choose a classic Kullu shawl or stole as the prize for themselves if they win. There's an option for everyone, so the contest isn't restricted to only women. To enter, you don't have to follow any account or like any posts - all you have to do is comment, "I'm In" on this post and head over to @Tashmitadesigns and comment one kind or encouraging thing to Monika on any post of her account page. It can be on how pretty a garment is, or how you like her designs, or if you like the color of a piece, simply state that. All that is required is  one comment of kindness or encouragement on a post of her page and that's considered a entry. Instagram was supposed to be about people and connection, and less about gimmicks and imagery. Let's play this game of kindness and help build people up with positive encouragement. Let's start with @tashmitadesigns 🙂✨ Do share the word. You don't have to follow my account or Tashmita Designs, all you have to do is comment to qualify. The contest closes next week. Best of luck. Be kind, be happy and keep spreading the positive vibes ✨ P.C @ashish_clickbug

Feb 2019

On the phone Lapu screams,"Baarish ho rahi hai!!" And I go huh? I look out of the window and it's snowing heavily and I laugh. "Baraf ghir rahi hai bewakoof, Baarish nahi." And he says, "Han, who hi" That suddenly reminded me of the monsoons back home. How bad storm weather at my place in the South makes everything turn green. Everywhere you look it's a sea of beautiful green. I think that and smile as I look outside the window in Leh and watch the land carpeted in snow becoming a sea of white instead. I'm so thankful that I get to witness and experience all the colours and whimsical forms of nature. From the monsoons of the Western Ghats to the extreme winters of the North. We live in the most beautiful country in the world. A country that has multiple countries enfolded in it. A land with so much variety, culture, challenges and blessings. I'm so glad India is a land I get to call my own 🇮🇳💗✨ - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. P.C @themoodyvibez .

Feb 2019

Somedays are just happy days. Your mood matches the bright sunshine of the high altitude and all you can do is give thanks for it. So you have a happy day, a happy picture and zero words to add to it. For all you guys around, walking along with me through this virtual journey of Instagram >muwah!< Have a wonderful happy day ahead ☀️ - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher

Feb 2019

*plays the song "Poison" by Alice Cooper on full blast and sings along to the lyrics* "Your cruel device Your blood, like ice One look, could kill My pain, your thrill I wanna love you but I better not touch - I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop. I hear you calling and it's needles and pins (or frostbite! ) Don't want to touch you but you're under my skin. *sings loudly* You're poison, running through my veins You're poison, I don't want to break these chains" Bad weather, winter mountaineering and dangerous women have the same appeal. You get distracted by their beauty, and pay the price of carelessness dearly. I'm back from a Golep Kangri winter ascent and had to turn back at 5,700 mts, cause it's not climbing a mountain that matters, but climbing it sensibly that does. The avalanche risk was too high. But uptil the height she allowed us to climb, Golep Kangri in winters was a pure pleasure - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. .

Jan 2019

And sometimes the world outside your window looks like a sepia tinted watercolor brushed on parchment paper. In the land of hibernation and harsh winters, beauty was the only one wide awake. She didn't know it was supposed to be bad weather. She walked on resplendant in her royal robes. You gotta love the clueless ones. They are the harbingers of magic everywhere - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Jan 2019

"The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break, it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially" - Ernest Hemingway. . We don't become strong in the broken places, we just become more resilient to being vulnerable. The nature of life and all that we hold of value is fleeting and transient in nature. Like snowflakes each life lived is so unique and so fleeting. And as the quote goes, Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake" - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher.

Jan 2019

"Just beyond the edge of our tools is a reality we can change and shape. I hope we do so for the better. Be good to the people you climb with and the places you get to climb. The values of this game are much more than the events of it" - Ari Novak/ @dasnovak Just beyond the edge of our tools is a reality we try to change and shape, maybe that is why we climb, not to conquer but to become - become more - a better, more expansive, truer version of ourselves. Ice climbing may be just a sport, true. But what you become in the pursuit of it, and whom you pursue that with is what will determine the value you get out of it. Here we have our favourite raccoon @jacob_raab on his first ascent of the route, "Might as well Jump" P.C: @wandering_dreamcatcher . #indiaclicks #iceclimbingimages #iceclimbing #beaclimber #winterclimbing #winterlife #himalayas #himgeo #himachal #spiti #trekkersofindia #mountaineer #mountains #incredibleindia # #CNTGiveitashot #natgeoindia #natgeodaily #thevisualyatra #yourshot_india #tripotocommunity #mypixeldiary #travelpassport #natgeodailyyourshot #lonelyplanetindia #dslrofficial #_soi #india_ig #india

Jan 2019

"To a moment frozen in time." . We are born in an eco-system - within the physical restraints of the earth and the psychological ones of the human society. As humans we emerge into life through structure and limitations, and yet we constantly strive to have agency over our own lives throughout the years of our youth and strength. To be able to balance self-expression and personal passions while being mindful of being part of a larger whole is the key. I was watching a majestic Himalayan Eagle fly in the expansive blue skies of Spiti. Like it, we have to forget our roots and nest when we fly - We have to merge and become one with the sky or else we will falter and crash. And when we've returned back to our nest,  We have to let go of our addiction to flight or else we won't be able to let our wings regain strength for a new flight again. True meaning is to find freedom in our moments of flight and in our moments of restraint. To merge seamlessly in freedom and restraint - Just like the sun gives way to the darkness in surrender each evening, And reclaims it's glory back again each day at dawn - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. P. C: Anil Benilwal a.k.a Tony Da #iceclimbingfestival #iceclimbing #iceclimbingimages #beaclimber #winterclimbing #winterlife #himalayas #highaltitude @lasportivagram @petzelgallery @grivel

Jan 2019

And how can I leave Spiti without a picture taken with Bruno. So what if he like always says, "Leave me alone." What's love without a little harassment. Selfie taken. Happy hooman, grumpy dog.

Jan 2019

"Own the Climb." . In the last few weeks I've been in the presence of accomplished Ice Climbers and mountaineers. And one of the things that struck me about them is their passion towards the climb. Nothing half heartedly done. They train hard and climb harder. There's a purity in their dedication towards their craft and training that almost borders on the spiritual. I guess a lot of life is like that. It only becomes meaningful if you, "Own your own climb." Live a life that you are passionate about and with conviction. Chase your passions, but temper it with prudence. Ambitions are important, but people even more so. Be kind, be considerate, have fun and own the climb of your own life. - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. P.C @howardowenmiller

Dec 2018

PALAT! Palat ke dekh. Saal lag bug katam hone waala hai. Take the good, have gratitude for the wonderful experiences you've had. Sow the seeds of intention for more love, understanding and respect. Have adventures while having value for the rootedness of family and home. Jindagi acchi hai meri jaan, Aage dekh aur chalta jaa, Lekin us ke phele, eik time tho - "PALAT MERI JAAN!!" -Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. . #travelinhimachalpradesh @travel_in_himachal_pradesh